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    Nice to see your posts deleted when they are not favorable to SI

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    Between frustration and humiliation. SI TRADE MARK.


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    My favorite hobby is spending time on Steam FAQ page asking myself what's wrong with me?

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  1. If they decide to take this step, you will see how the cars are flying down the runway (as in FM players glide on the pitch)
  2. I noticed the same. Only one of the million things that irritate and destroy 2012 playing experience.
  3. My game crashed today and I tried to run it again. But I was unable to play until I installed STEAM update !? If I was in my weekend house without internet connection I would probably broke my PC. I don't anything against the Steam but I want to be able to choose when and where I want to play game I paid for.
  4. There is many improvements in relation to 2011. - 3D match where are goals scored in many more ways than only from crosses - scouting system is better - half-time talk doing wanders - selling players with ease - other clubs are buying players smartly after two seasons ( in 2011 , after season or two, City, Chelsea, United did not buy expensive players which was stupid and that make 2011 easy - so 2012 is not only harder - but also more interesting after few seasons ). - there is much more things which separates last year and 2012 version and all are positive. My advice - buy the game.
  5. I'm always changing match preparation depend of opposition I'm gonna to play and where I'll play - home or away. I don't know whether this has any impact on my results.
  6. Preseason is my favorite part of the game. Trying to make every player 100% match fit - including reserve players, and also getting rid of some useless staff. And buying talents if I get money.
  7. After my first thread deleted, I must ask you again. Why I'm not able to control if and when will I do update my version of the game ? Why I don't have that option at the start of the game and why is that function controlled by 3rd party software I have FORCED to install against my will ? And why somebody from SI don't ask 3rd party software company why that option - although offered - doesn't work. ( Don't ask me again why I don't like updates - I will become suicidal )
  8. I wonder if some of you are normal ? What on earth FMRT have with my game update choice ?
  9. Thanks for calming but - I'm playing CM and FM from 1997 and I know how to save and - most important - make tactic. - SI have not control over updating game I did buy from them - that is something worse I experienced in my gaming life ! - My game is working perfectly if you exempt that in the summer 2013 neither my nor any other club in my game of 20 leagues I play have no new under 18 regen players. - When we're talking about piracy, I'm Flash programmer, Web designer and SEO who run own little firm and you can bet what I think about them. Cheers.
  10. Thanks bigturnip. There ( in Steam options ) you can choose DON'T ipdate my game or something like that but doesn't work. That was my point.
  11. Roberto, take a head from SI ass and start to think by yourself.
  12. So I'm to blame because I don't want changes on MY computer against my will ??? I don't want to update because every year before i have had to change all my tactics after updating game and I'm now on 76 games without defeat. Second reason is: If I don't have control about that simple things, would I next year have to play tactic SI choose for me automatically because they think it's better suited for my club ?
  13. From all my post you picked illegal copy to comment !? Why on earth I don't have control about updates ? That was real question !
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