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  1. Technically it's still sort of university because the placement is part of my course. Just have a two month placement which isn't too bad.
  2. That is great, I love the way Ajax is ran. On another note, I've finished University until May now so time to play some FM and PS4! Not had time to play this FM yet so I'm looking forward to it. Also have placement in February at the Northern Echo and Yorkshire Post.
  3. The weekend is here! Finally. Anyone doing much this weekend? So glad club football is back.
  4. Good morning all, hope I haven't missed much! Feels like I haven't been around in ages.
  5. You've probably picked now but Robben or Farfan? Pablo Hernandez.
  6. Anyone watching Glastonbury? Don't usually watch it but Arctic Monkeys are great.
  7. Yep, same here. Rained all night but yet was so warm and humid. First day back at work tomorrow to earn some more pennies before heading back to University in September.
  8. How is everyone today? Had a busy day today sorting things around my house, managed to finally sell my xbox!
  9. 8 days until I finish the first year of University! Should go pretty fast I hope, I need to book a relaxing holiday somewhere. Went to Emirates Saturday to the Green Day gig, amazing.
  10. Not for a student who worked 2 years previously before coming to University not even anywhere near an overdraft.
  11. Haven't been out drinking for a while; might have to go around one night next week. Might pop in The Queens Arms sometime.
  12. Been to a few around here, obviously Old Ball, that's a bit meh. Woodside, Bridge Inn, Greyhorse and Medusa.
  13. Have a shorthand assessment on Monday so I need to revise for that, so not been on FM in a couple of weeks, after Monday it's time for FM, and a few drinks of course! Only 4 weeks left and I've finished my first year!
  14. Correct, had it bought for ages but never got round to it. I take it it's good then? Also got LA Confidential
  15. Finally finished my assignments for the day, just watching the Copa Del Rey final, really like Atletico Madrid. Watching a film after, any good ones out there? Was going to give Pulp Fiction a go or End of Watch.
  16. Also after FC Porto striker Jakson Martinez to replace Lewandowski.
  17. Have a sneaky feeling Wigan will win today, I hope I'm right. Also, What the hell am I doing up this early?!
  18. Anyone seen Chabolah's strike for Watford? Wasn't too bad!
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