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  1. You dont think lack of movement from attacking players is a big issue, nothing 'major '?
  2. 100% agree with this, its the reason why i played this game for so many years, I am also winning with this match engine but stopped playing for the exact same reasons you mentioned
  3. But attackers shouldn't move like that when the opponent plays deep and narrow. Why play in their hands to push up and group yourself narrow together that's the opposite of what you want playing against à team defending like that. And yet attackers do that in the final third of the attack always regardless of instructions to stay wider or different mentalities or using a false nine etc. This has been an issue in fm18 as well but not to that extent. I think the new way of defending broke the match engine in a way
  4. There still seems to be the same issue with inside forwards moving inside too narrow leaving only the fullbacks alone at the flanks while the wide forwards are in the penalty box narrowly grouped together, which kills space inside
  5. I didnt know there was a beta branch, Ill definitely opt in. Is there always going to be a beta which gets updates faster or is this a time limited thing?
  6. Not only deleted , I even received 10 penalty points for pointing out the dismissive and degrading responses to legitimate negative feedback. This kind of selective subjective punishment is the oposite of good moderating .
  7. No because it's not the same every year by the same people, this version has very specific issues with player movement which wasn't there to the same extent last year. Acutally many people seem to be in agreement, also many are new posters I barely post in these forums for example but felt the need because of how disappointing the state of the match engine is this year.
  8. Bugs need to be specific. It's not easy for the player to figure out the complex issues what exactly is wrong with the match engine so it can be put in a neatly bug report, but several people attempted this anyway. But why is it not feedback and therefore should not be in this thread if you want to talk about how bad the game is? Because that's also feedback
  9. There were much more complaints but moderators deleted half of the post. Apparently negative feedback about the game is no feedback
  10. None of the current match engine issues which lots of people posted here are a direct result of that
  11. Sorry but that seem like a smug overgeneralsition, also xg is not the end of all statical representation of chances. Also what has that to do with the current match engine or fm version?
  12. Sorry i still dont understand it , how would you know what the so called "average" fm player pays attention to? Thats the point of actually watching matches in the match engine where you can see how good a chance actually is.
  13. What are you actually saying? That people are too stupid to understand the genius match engine? Honestly I have no clue
  14. How can you post this in the Bug forum when it's not actually that easy to figure out what the problrms actually are? Why must we analyse the match engine in great detail to find the reasons for obvious problems with type of goals, player movement, width, crossing tendency, pressing tendency, ect? There are likely several different reasons why the current match engine produces the kind of football it produces currently, what exactly are we supposed to post in the bug forum? This isn't a simple obvious bug you can easily describe and post
  15. I manged to make a pretty accurate Guardiola tactic in fm18 with wingers in mr/ml slots and inverted wingbacks. Mr/ml is definitely the way to go if you want wingers which hug the touchline, aml/amr should be more considered forward positions It's pointless to try in fm19 though unless the match engine is improved.
  16. No, but does sharing his opinion also entail ridiculing and dismissing opinions of others? If yes then this thread has different standards than I anticipated Because this is an opinion thread people share their opinion also if its negative, or is it only a positive opinion thread and the negativ stuff has to be hidden away?
  17. It's not negativity when people actually point out really evident issues with the game. What does your post contribute? It's just a game and we are not allowed to care about it? Why do you think it sells so well?
  18. Topics which dicuss actual issues of the game? Is that not allowed?
  19. Why? The things here mentioned are all evident when watching games, it's not just random negativity. It does not exist. Maybe other players don't really care if what they are watching represents actual football but what kind of argument is that? Why even have a match engine at all then if its not allowed to want it to be like actual football?
  20. I don't think they overlooked them but probably take to long to fix in the game release cycle. Basically they accept the broken match engine at release betting it wont affect sales too much
  21. No they are on point. Being successful is not the issue lots of people have with the match engine
  22. That's not entirely fair, last years fm 18 version was pretty good after the final patch. Except some issues with striker movement and pressing it was probably the best match engine version to date. Fm19 is a mess however, my guess is they changed some things with pressing which created a lot of other issues but with the yearly release cycle they pushed the game out anyway, predicting it won't hurt sales enough when it's is only really playable in half a year. They probably think that only a few nerds care about the finer details like player movement anyway, not enough to impact future sales. Sadly they are probably right.
  23. Exactly, its also impossible for the ai. All managers sacked who play possession football in my save The match engine is seriously broken, probably more than ever at launch of a new fm
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