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  1. I am on the new match engine and still don't see a great variety of goals. Most matches I play don't feature normally created chances and goals are scored from balls over the top or ridiculous shots, no chances are created by passing moves
  2. Yes it is and I suspect the general consensus will adjust when the has been out longer.
  3. I don't want it to be perfect but this match engine is far form it don't worry. The point is that for you it might be good enough but for someone else who wants to play different football its unworkable.
  4. Just because its right for you they should not update? I posted several flaws with pkms in the bug forum and there are many more
  5. Are you insulting me because I point to flaws in the match engine? I reported your posts, this is disrespectful of other peoples opinions I hope the moderators are consistent with warnings whether you have a positive or negative opinion on current state of the game
  6. Decision making seems very strange in the beta update, players dribble then decided to randomly stop only to pass back and not cross , there just does not seem any kind of fluidity in the game. Player decisions just seem very erratic
  7. why is pointing out issues with the match engine serial moaning? The beta is an improvement but there are still issues like players not running with the ball when there is an opportunity or not using space when its there also players seem unable to win the ball now when you play pressing . They also still make strange decisions , opting for the long pass to the other flank instead of a short pass which makes sense despite short pass instructions.
  8. Yes for the full game but not for the beta as far as a I know. It's a good thing though
  9. Who said that fifa is any different? My point was they would not need to justify arbitrary features for every new game. The features you listed didn't come all in the same updated game version
  10. Maybe for you For me it was always about getting my team to play like real life tactics as possible
  11. For me it was the worst fm ever only because of the match engine. Goals only came after crosses, second balls or long shots, sometimes dribbles. Passing combinations were almost impossible for me
  12. If they are so aware of all the issues, why the need for pkms for the most obvious problems which are apparent in almost any game?
  13. It does not take many man hours to just say what issues they are working one. Many issues were brought up in the bug forum, they just could have said we are working on the constant long balls between fullbacks or the amr/l being to narrow or the lack of running with the ball, ect. It would take less time than writing a vague statement. It does not have to be extremely specific and detailed, just some general information
  14. They could release fm as a subscriptions where the game is updated constantly and in order to play it you play a regular fee. This model would make much more sense for fm than to release a new one every year which is barely any different with " features" which are often just rearranged menus. They would mean they could work on the match engine continuously and not stop updating after a few patches.
  15. Why not say what they are working on? Alsways vage statements like these, the same as last year which was also aparently the best match engine ever despite big problems which were never fixed
  16. I sacked my director of football and hired another one, this made the blocked transfer possible
  17. Same for me which was also why I stopped plaiyng fm19. Really disappointing that nothing has changed in fm20 regarding these issues
  18. but the phrasing makes it seem like it is Implies no improvements yet but hopefully in the future
  19. this does not inspire confidence. This means the beta match engine is the most current match engine and not like some users suggested an older version of the match engine. Having so many blatant issues so close to release in the most current version does not sound good at all
  20. It's exactly the same for me. Also players dont seem to run with the ball it all and rather opt for the 50m cross court pass even though there is space to move onto or players to pass to. This is despite short pass instructions and balanced mentality Players with in the aml/r positions being to narrow is an old issue which has been present in fm for years
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