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  1. So I won 7 straight games with Betis playing an insane all out pressing tactic which the ai cant handle . All goals i have scored were either long shots , cross or after set pieces , not a single one after a passing combination freed up a player. All the goals I conceded were crosses or standards as well. Despite that assist locations show through ball as the most frequent assist location , makes no sense at all but it does explain why some people claim they can play with combining through the middle and score goals after combinations . They cant, i dont think this is possible with this me and the narrow defense instructions
  2. The problem is that the if in the amr/l spot just goes very narrow way to early instead of staying wide and cutting inside. In the ml/r spots the play correctly in the final third but are way too deep in the build up phase. This is a problem in fm for years now but the new narrow defense instructions have seriously increased this problem.
  3. I dont think you understand what passing football is, not what is shown in your video . Why the need to acuse other people only because you are satisfied with the game?
  4. Every chance I create or concede comes from a cross or a standard situation . Goals are scored by second balls, standards and crosses and also every attack from the opponent is a cross. Its so incredible boring and depressing despite me winning nearly every game . The ai cant cope with high press attacking tactics at all, too stupid to out-pass the incredible chaotic press , too limited to stretch the narrow defense, its a cross and standard simulator . Assist locations in the analysis screen are misleading, it somehow counts deflections and second balls in the box as through balls
  5. Are you a mod? Please share your tactics because I cant see how this is possible in this match engine with how narrow the ai defends. How do you stretch the ai defense?
  6. The inside forward is supposed to cut inside from wide positions, how is this supposed to happen when he plays so narrow as soon as the ball is in the opponents half? Absolute no chance to receive the ball and cut inside The inside forwards or inverted wingers go very narrow way too early
  7. you defintely play counter attacking football, you cant play trough the middle if you cant stretch the defense which the me is not able to do properly
  8. So I am on the latest beta match engine and i wonder why my players are positioned like this With attacking instructions ultra wide and the wingers in the aml /amr spots its no wonder its almost impossible to create anything against the narrow defense except for crosses when you are not able to stretch the defense, the wide attacking players seem to follow the defenders not the other way around Man City v Aston Villa.pkm
  9. I think the me just cant cope with the new narrow defensive instructions which kills chance creation except for crosses and set pieces, to keep the goal numbers realistic lots of set pieces go in. I played a few matches with the new me and all goals i scored or conceded were after a cross or a set piece , really not fun at all
  10. You can basically automate the whole game and dont have to do anything by yourself, also there is the simplified touch version also
  11. How did the other team set up? When people talking about central play they have to include how the other team plays which most of the time is to defend deep and narrow. How are you going to have central play when the Opposition plays that way? very difficult. I think the issues is the new defensive instructions which allows teams to defend narrow and deep together with pressing which clogs up the central area. I dont think the offensive ai is good enough for players to move realistically and find space when the space is tight because even when the opponent defends narrow there are still spaces available which the offensive ai seems unable to exploit
  12. the new defensive width instructions essentially gimped the attacking side of the match engine, this is my theory
  13. Because people could test the me earlier? More updates more fine tuning ect
  14. Sorry but I don't see any patch updates in the twitter feed, it does not seem to be used for that
  15. Yes why no more public beta? It was a very good thing last year
  16. I really think the new defensive instructions especially defensive width which was introduced in fm19 fundamentally messed with the match engine and exposed its flaws in the attacking part. Defending is now more realistic but attacking decsion making from the players can't keep up while this was masked in previous versions with less realistic defending. I really fell for it when fm20 was advertised with better offensive movement, I really though it was massively improved but I was wrong. Definitely won't be fooled again and buy the next game at release
  17. where did you read that? they said unlikely before the new year , nothing about march
  18. i do hope so, last year they had an open beta which received earlier updates, I wonder what happend to that idea
  19. I agree this would help a lot , more and more devs do that and I think its very important to keep the goodwill of the community
  20. This happens all the time when balls are played over the top
  21. same thing for me , chances are so random and out of control unless you play and exploit the long balls over the top. For example my team is passing and combining in a promising location only to hoof the ball to the full back on the other side or to pass back or run into the by line. But then the ball is passed around in midfield and someone shoots from 40m and scores. random . I feel i have set up my team to create chances with my tactic and indeed we seem to be able to create openings in the defense in dangerous areas but moves are never finished and goals are scored from elsewhere , balls over the top , random shots or set pieces or someone dribbles by himself through the other team. Its not about winning , i am consistently top of the table , won the Serie a with Florentina in the first season , but its just so boring and random. I dont seem to be in control in helping my team win .
  22. you dont need to test 1000 ways the game is played to see the issues, you can fire up any tactic any team or play style and you can see the same issues in a matter of minutes
  23. It's not about that long balls happen, but that they are way too accurate and frequent and that defenders just don't really defend striker runs which results in copious one in one's which are not converted to keep the goal numbers realistic.
  24. any confortable mouse should do , no need for a gaming mouse with a top sensor
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