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  1. vor 4 Stunden schrieb themadsheep2001:

    The last few pages have probably summed up with communication is so difficult. Not matter what is said, Neil gets pulled apart, or his words get twisted to suit the agenda of those replying, or in some cases he gets deliberately misrepresented or abused, and a lot of it is coming from the same people who want more communication. Its a two way street, if this is going to be the reaction, why would they attempt more communication? If you're going to treat every post with cynicism to the point where they can't actually say what they're trying to say, then you can't have that communication. 

    you need more than empty pr statements to really engage with the community .


    The statement was almost an exact copy of what he said last year, thats not really communication , thats saying something while actually saying as little as possible while praising your own brand 

  2. vor 5 Stunden schrieb Welshace:

    Genuinely shocked at this,  you've essentially told a thread full of your customers and more passionate fans that they are wrong and they don't matter because they are just a drop in the ocean of the amount of games sold and money made...  


    Can I ask Neil, or anyone who feels they have the authority to answer, where do we go from here? do you think we should stop playing the game if we aren't happy with the engine in its current form? Is your post suggesting we don't buy the next either, because, as you mentioned, the team are happy with how it's working and progressing? 

    I guess i'm basically asking, is this the devs way of suggesting maybe that everyone who isn't happy with the ME should probably just go away as the team doesn't recognise their concerns as valid?

    Its just hubris from the sales they made, I certainly wont buy fm again .

    I hope the made enough new fans with the extensive marketing campaigns , which seems where the majority of innovation and money goes to.

  3. vor 3 Stunden schrieb Neil Brock:

    TMS clearly stated as I had, we'll address it as soon as we're able to do so. Please try to work with us as we head towards a more transparent culture, when we try to keep people informed understand why we're doing so and try to avoid arguments and accusations being thrown about. There needs to be a level of understanding that in some instances we can only give limited information. 

    Saying that I'll try and expand as much as I can. With software development as I have said on a number of occasions, it's extremely difficult to give timescales as any changes require variable amounts of time. Not only in terms of coding, but most certainly testing and any knock-ons which would need to be thoroughly checked. You may think that process isn't that long, but if just one knock-on is found that extends any process considerably. 

    In terms of an explanation, as I said, we're already working on another update which, whilst in doing so doesn't make it impossible to release a hotfix, would place a significant number of challenges on the team due to the processes required and the work already ongoing. In terms of prioritising as I said just a few posts ago, we tend to look at the number of people who would be affected and how much it infringes the ability for people to play the game. In this instance we don't feel this specific issue necessitates a hotfix given a number of factors, including that we're already preparing for an update after the February Window closes. We understand a number of users on these forums disagree with this decision and will take that on board moving forward. 

    does this new update which still is going to come also include ME changes ?

  4. vor 47 Minuten schrieb themadsheep2001:

    It's irrelevant whether youre doubtful or not, its not on you to go harassing people who have a different experience to you, which is how you've been coming across with this

    If you want to see examples, Rashidi has more of them than anyone on the forums, since he's got his own channel to run

    This trend of people chasing others for having different views really needs to stop on this forum.

    Please point to examples where I have been harassing anyone, I dont think this is fair at all.

    My comments have clear matter of fact questions and no harassment .

  5. vor 1 Stunde schrieb themadsheep2001:

    If you're actually interested in this @Rashidi has an entire YouTube channel worth of content. 

    its better to stay specific , there is a specific thing which does not seem possible in this match engine, namely possession heavy passing style of play and goals scored by passing moves after being in possession .


    I am well aware of general tactical principles both in terms of fm and real football but the frustration of the years me stems from the fact that goals seem to come not because how my tactics are setup but by the me increasing the chance of random goals in order to stay true to real life statistics despite several tactical styles directly from the tactics creator are not working as intended.


    Now if a user claims he has a tactic which actually works as inteded and scores these type of goals as intended , I want to see it.


    Its very easy to post a quick rundown of the instructions here or in the tactic forum and link it or post pkms


    But because it is so easy and I have not seen anyone of those people who claim such a thing actually do it, I am very suspicious and doubtful of their claims 

  6. vor einer Stunde schrieb Nikopol:

    Currently playing Tiki-Taka-style football in my save. 8 goals, one long shot, no set pieces. I actually suspect an increase in combination quality, because some of the one-touch plays from my team looked really stunning. Also actually decent central play.

    I can understand criticism regarding the systems surrounding the match engine, but the match engine itself seems to me to gradually improve with each game and each update. I feel that this years version favours central play much more than last years, and the years before that, where heavy wing play was a guarantuee to success.

    Of course my perspective is limited, but the state of the game is certainly not as one-sided as some here make it out to be

    Please post your tactics and PKMs how you scored the goals. 



    There are always some people who claim such a thing but never back it up 

  7. vor 8 Stunden schrieb craigcwwe:

    What I thought. 

    Having gone back and forth with FM17/18/19/20 in recent weeks seeing how each performs from a ME perspective having played them all quite a bit over the years it's clearly easier from an attacking point of view in FM17 and 18 in comparison to FM19 and 20, coincidentally when the new defensive options came about so that makes sense. 

    I think ultimately we've had to 'suffer' in a sense with the ME the last two versions whilst the defensive part of the game caught up, even overtaken the attacking play. Hopefully the attacking play will also get the required time and attention to bring that up to speed to balance it out nicely in future versions. 

    Fingers crossed. 

    Yes but I find it kind of strange that such an me is put out in two games for people buy them. 


    Basically the offensive side of the game can't keep up  but to keep goal numbers realistic the number of set piece goals and random goals goes up. 

    Thats very unrealistic and makes me question Sis decision to include the defensive instructions in the game which produce this kind of game play. 


    So you are saying I wasted 80€ on two possible 3 fm versions which have a feature which breaks the me so si can get it right eventually?


     they had to include the new feature just to have something new even if it breaks a big part of the me ?

  8. vor 7 Stunden schrieb BigV:

    When reading it make sure you go back and see the goals, before the patch I had 9 and about 8 games in it went to 11/12 I think. I went back and watched those games and through balls can be counted as "over the top balls" where the defence was caught out more often than not. I'd also make sure they are through balls aswell as i've been suspicious if they have been recorded correctly (not fully proved). I had one the other day from a through ball and instant goal, it didn't count it so im wary of thinking it could be done vice versa. 

    Glad you're getting them though, I've been trying different ways to get to do them but not had alot of look, even tried using 2 AP-S to do it and they provide more key passes which essentially are long/medium balls, weather you can count that as through balls is up to the game and the SI etc. 

    I dont think they are recorded correctly, I think chaos in the box after corner goals count as through balls 

  9. vor 58 Minuten schrieb Gegenklaus:

    Did you also experience very defensive being able to hold on to the ball for almost forever despite pressing them? Like they accumulate over 600 passes by mainly passing around in their last third. For me that is game breaking. I have no problem with teams who tries to go for the 0-0 abd have 11 players behind the ball as that is a trend in modern football because of the gap between the really good teams and those under has become bigger. But, them being able to pass like Pep's Barca in their own half, even under great pressure, is so broken. SI has acknowledged that though and are working on a fix.

    My greatest critique on this game and the last one is that the matches you watch are very dull to watch - mainly because of very defensive teams - and almost no open play goals. Most of the good stuff happens during a transition. I know this is very subjective though. 

    I press as high and agressive as possible so I manage to win the ball sometimes when they pass it around. 


    But I never get punished by a counter attack for it despite my players pressing at times all over the place with two players attacking one at the same time regularly. 


    Somehow the me is made to always play wide for the cross which also most of the time is crossed into the feet of the defender 



  10. I really hope the next patch will make the game better, its really broken and I am not sure how anyone can defend how incredible dull and unrealistic the match engine is. 


    I played a full season Betis reaching 3rd place so my tactic is obviously working but I scored exactly 1 goal after a passing move, even though my team is setup to play combination football. 

    I scored by penalties and set pieces or random shots despite having one of the smallest teams in the league. 

    I also press high and didnt concede a single goal by a  counter attack, only by set pieces or crosses. 


    This is frankly completely ridiculous and for me game breaking, if the next patch does not fix that I will not buy the next fm. 

    I think the new defensive width and line of engagement features gimped the offensively limited me and bascially broke the match engine, how Si can release the game with such a game breaking feature is beyond me. 


    I wish I could post all pkms from my season if someone wants evidence but can only post the last 5 or six as the game makes this impossible for some reason. 



  11. vor einer Stunde schrieb likesiamesefish:

    Come on man, the word wide being in the name of the formation doesn't mean that there is a wide style of play it just means that they are in the AML and AMR positions rather than three AMCs...

    Your formation is narrow because three of the four players that you are playing in wide positions you are asking to move in field.

    If you think that because you have wide players and so do they, that when their wide players go all the way out and hug the line your players are supposed to follow them, then you should really be telling them to man mark them. You have players asked to play on the inside and close down as part of a front three and they're up against a back three so this is why they aren't stuck out there on the wing marking the player you'd like them to mark.

    What did happen then? They didn't just stand there did they.


    Don't get me wrong, they could move a little bit and not be stood so close to each other I guess, but you're not actually using the ME to it's full extent in order to try and get them to do what you want and I figured you posted your tactics to get some assistance.

    These are offensive instructions not defensive ones, it makes no sense for them to move narrow while defending. 

    There is absolutely no instruction which should make the players behave like that on a goal kick

  12. vor 32 Minuten schrieb badgerwhacker:

    I'm in the exact same situation. Winning most games so it's not a whinge over not being successful but, like you, I'm bored to tears. I've actually turned it off now and I won't be back until the winter patch to see if there's any difference.

    Currently it feels like tactics are irrelevant. I can't stop the better teams and I don't create a lot or see evidence of a style against the lesser teams. I've always been pretty good tactically and in getting players to play above their levels through tactics but it just feels that it's not possible in this ME.

    I've played wide formations, I've played narrow formations. Neither of which have created evidence of a style.

    It's the same for me, winning nearly all games because of set pieces and crosses , also all goals I concede are set pieces or from crosses.

    Absolutely boring, I am done, I don't expect it to change much because the issues seem much deeper than what patches can do 

  13. vor 7 Minuten schrieb sidslayer:

    I’m sure we’ve been here before, but again, in trying to help with the boredom, have you considered changing your tactic up a bit?

    If you don’t care about winning or losing and would prefer to see the ME play in a different way I’ve found trying different styles of play, different formations and different tactics can help the issues you’re seeing.

    I’m not looking for a fight. It’s just a suggestion.


    Well I suggested to you to post your tactics which make a playstyle possible which you claim but we know how that ended. 


    Regardless of how I want to play the issue is with the type of goals I score or concede. 


    Every way of playing has an advantage or disadvantage, what's most boring is that I don't concede because of my tactics disadvantage and I don't score from my tactics advantage. 

  14. For me this game is a boring cross and set piece simulator, every goal i score comes after a set piece or a floating cross, every goal i concede as well.


    Which makes no real sense, i play a high defensive line and pressing and dont defend narrow but I dont concede on the counter as one would expect, the goals i concede are never counters where my high press gets exploited.

    Its always a floating cross or a set piece, its so incredible dull and boring. I really dont even care if i win or lose, Its not about having success at all, I am joint leading the league with Betis but I just dont care at all.

    What exactly is my input in this game? I dont know , its not tactics or how goals are scored.


    Like others have written here I though the lack of attacking variety was down to the ai defending narrow and deep but this makes no sense because i dont defender like that and still only concede after set pieces and crosses.



  15. vor 10 Stunden schrieb Experienced Defender:


    One more suggestion - do not use too aggressive defensive (out-of-possession) instructions, because that's not going to make you defensively solid. Quite to the contrary - such aggressive manner of defending is much more likely to compromise your defensive shape and stability (especially if you are not a top team). 

    This is not true at all, there is almost no penalty in the match engine on the latest patch playing the most aggressive pressing style possible, the ai cant counter that effectively .


    In my experience you become less defensibly solid with more reasonable pressing

  16. Gerade eben schrieb sidslayer:

    Well I'm enjoying lots of possession, and i'm attacking and I'm scoring a variety of goals. I'm also ignoring all the tactical guides the game gives me.

    Now how is this possible?

    I  dont know, you show me ,post a link to your tactics 


    Just remember the descriptions to know what i mean with possession football



    So one of these which means not the majority of goals scored via quick transitions, crosses or set pieces, but by controlling the ball in the opponents half , passing and movement which drags the opponent out of position 


  17. vor 6 Minuten schrieb sidslayer:

    and this is THE major problem with the ME. Not the engine. The bloody guides ...

    no its not at all


    please dont claim something which is just not true, this is not about  the guides but what the me is actually capable to represent .


    Again I just used the examples of the description to highlight that such of way of playing should be possible in the game but it just isnt right now



    But this hypothetical discussion can be made factually very quickly very simply , If you claim you have achieved such a style with counter intuitive instructions , thus proving only the descriptions are wrong, just post your tactics so we can test accordingly .


    If thats the wrong thread just post a link to the tactic forum where you posted the tactic, very simple

  18. vor 2 Minuten schrieb Welshace:

    Their point is that your possession based tactic is clearly not a possession based tactic based upon what you've told them... just because you clicked possession based tactic in the pre sets, doesn't mean your team will suit and follow that up with how you want to play.. you may have to customise your tactic to suit, for it to play how you want it too

    I am not sure where you get the impression from i just selected a standard tactic ?  I just used it as an example that this way of playing is advertised as part of the game and not some obscure thing only a few people actually want or think about.



  19. vor 5 Minuten schrieb sidslayer:

    This is my point further up in the thread. The pre set decriptions are a guide that quite frankly are misleading. Create a custom tactic if you want to play possession football. The base pre sets do not completely marry up with what the ME shows you.



    The point was about the definition of attacking with possession not whether the set tactics achieve that.


    You asked whether possession is just keeping the ball, it is not in this context.



    This is a prime example of thinking your tactic is built around possession and creativity because the game tells you it is, when in fact the ME is showing you something completely different. Again, i would suggest creating a tactic from scratch.


    No I am basing my tactics on what I see during the match but the players dont behave like I want to behave. 


    If I want to create chances on the counter when the defense isnt set up yet I would play like that and create a tactic accordingly .



  20. vor 32 Minuten schrieb sidslayer:


    Define possession football. My team has most of the ball. Is that not possession?

    No its not, just look at the set tactics descriptions what is meant with possession, its all there in the description. 


    No need to start a fundamental discussion about football concepts, the base concepts are laid out in the game 

  21. vor 3 Stunden schrieb WelshMourinho:

    While I agree with you that people have to accept that the match engine has limitations, I think a lack of through balls (in the style of possession football) to be a rather big limitation. Essentially my issue with it boils down to midfielders with "take more risks" hard coded into their game simply not actually taking any sort of risks. 

    For example, a limitation I've largely grown to accept is cutbacks. Guardiola's City side scored so many goals from getting back post tap ins last season, and that sort of goal is gold dust in FM. That's a rather specific move though, and I can understand why that would be difficult to put into FM.

    But an entire play style is a different story for me. I'd like to clarify that I don't think it's impossible to win with this style or anything like that. I agree the match engine isn't broken. You can have a lot of success with any sort of style on this game, as long as your tactic makes sense.  My frustration is the match engine often doesn't seem to interpret your instructions well. A team built around creative midfielders playing through balls wont score those types of goals, instead they'll dominate the ball and score via set pieces, or goals that develop from throw ins. The pre patch match engine was like this, even play out of defence didn't stop one of your CBs lumping it forward like prime Jerome Boateng to find a striker through on goal. 

    The issue, for me at least, isn't that the ME is broken. It's that it doesn't interpret certain styles well atm, and so it makes your tactics feel like a waste of time.


    It makes no sense, why I am successful because of set pieces or chaos in the box second ball or crosses if my tactics are not for that at all?


    It's not about whether I am able to win games or not but how little tactics seem to influence the type of goals which I score. 

    Whats the point of scouting creative midfielders or technical gifted wingers, strikers with ball playing ability, false nines, deep playmakers, ect.  When they don't seem to matter for the type of goals my team scorers. 


    I am leading the league with my team built around possession and creativity but my goals come from set pieces and crosses.

    This takes the fun out of it completely for me. 


  22. vor 10 Stunden schrieb akkm:

    yeah I think reasonable stuff there tactically and especially as you say playing cautious lower line of engagement means you'd see as you say you drawing opponent and hitting them on the break with pace and power..that will leave space behind which is essentially what the engine needs to be able to produce more open play goals in a manner which is kind of what you'd expect and like to see with those tactics so it would look normal. That would definitely explain why you're not seeing the issues others are.

    I think what @Weller1980 and others are trying style wise is different with attempts to play more controlled slower tempo possession based game where space is more condensed and creating chances and goals is then more reliant on their teams players skills such as vision, technique, passing, movement, off the ball, decisions, agility and all that but that's the real issue. These are underutilised with the engine and the value of them is way too low to determine outcomes in terms of style of play...essentially the match engine isn't currently simulating creativity and the tools to unlock defences is fairly severely lacking and that's why you see so many complaints...all of which are justified...pass decision making isn't executing choices to mirror how things work in real world football...there's too much of a bias towards passes out into large spaces usually out wide or from deep and often when there are better options inside and shorter. Yeah it's harder of course but not as hard as FM depicts it and as said when pass decision making isn't right then it just exacerbates the issue. Complementary movement is then required as pass decision making gets the crucial bump that's needed but pass decision making is the starting point and the fundamental issue which needs a lot of work to enable multiple styles of play to be attempted and subsequently rewarded in the right way...the frustrating thing with attempting to play centrally is the patterns become too repetitive and the chance creation and goals become too disconnected to the inputs tactically and that's because the engine just cannot play that way properly in a consistent or sustainted way. Of course there'll be intermittent moves/goals/chances which are great but they're more anomalous to the overall attempted style which basically deems it pointless to attempt that way of playing. So really a fundamentally significant way of playing is missing from the engine for the last two years so people's frustrations despite SIs best efforts are warranted. It really needs to be addressed asap.

    It's great that your way works and you're getting the most out of it and enjoying it but obviously it needs to cater for most and ideally all ways of playing at least to be attempted and then let the relative success be determined by quality of players and use of tactics to get the most out of said players. That way the engines simulation of real world football would be on point

    I agree completely but it isn't some obscure style that only some people play. 


    Half the standard tactics in the tactic creator don't work. 


    Control possession, tiki taka, vertical tiki taka, you can all throw them in the bin. 


    Vertical tiki taka is the worst, absolutely impossible to play with a focus through the midfield. 


    I don't really understand that people claim the game works as advertised when I'd evidently does not, as seem in the ineffectiveness of default tactics. 


    But maybe they do work but work as in you get set piece goals and second chances to a very high degree for some reason, but they don't work  as in the tactics actually creating chances as intended. 



  23. vor 10 Stunden schrieb Josh Brimacombe-Wiard:

    Ok thanks for the feedback again.

    We will look at this in the studio and see if there are times in the ME we could get wide players starting in wider positions.

    It's worth noting that IW & IF will come inside to play, especially in the final third.




    If i understand that correctly the come inside to receive the ball and play not to be in the box for a cross?


    As it is now they come so narrow and dont move to make themselves available for a pass that the only free option is the full back .


    Ideally they should make themselves available , at times come towards the ball while the fullback moves into space and orientate their positioning relative to where the ball is.

    I am not sure if this is possible in the match engine

  24. vor 10 Stunden schrieb bcereus:

    They made some major change after FM 18 that they are persisting with, this killed center play. They are continuing with what they did and essentially building on top of it.

    FM 19/20 have the same issue, if it's rotten at the core, nothing you do to mess with the conversion rates and other minor tweaks will matter. There is a fundamental code base behind the lack of center play and they can't/won't change it back.

    If it's the same next year, I'm not going to buy that game, it kills the simulation for me.

    The single most important change is the seperate attacking and defending width instructions introduced in fm 19


    Yes its realsitic but the me is not advanced enough offensively to be able to pull apart defenses by intelligent movement. 


    Earlier fms masked this problem because the ai could not play narrow in defense and wider in attack, now he can which results in a very stale attacking part of the game. 


    I dont think this is fixable in the short run, we probably have to wait until the offensive part gets more developed or si removes the width instructions which they probably won't do. 


    So see you in FM 2025 or something like that 

  25. vor 1 Stunde schrieb Freakiie:

    You shove the opposition all the way into the box and then play a very slow and patient game and wonder why there are no through balls? If it wasn't for, as you pointed out, the AI not handling heavy pressing well and condition in general being completely irrelevant in FM allowing you to press like madman for 90 minutes without issues you'd get overrun on the counter while being insanely easy to defend against because you endlessly ping the ball around.


    The point of the passing and patient game is to pull the opponents defense apart and not just cross in , I said nothing about through balls only where the goals are scored from and what happens in reality.


    The whole point is that its not possible to pull apart the narrow defenses with passing because the ai is not intelligent enough in terms of offensive movement and making the right passing decisions .


    Not everyone wants to play constant counter attack football followed by high pressing .



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