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  1. Can you work it along with the "required teams" in the nation tab? Like setting the minimum in the nation tab, and the maximum in the league setting, something like that. Not sure though, just a thought when not looking at the editor:)
  2. Argh, I realize now that you're talking about your squad registration problem not mine, sorry:D. I guess you can use reply with quote option sometimes:) But yes, of course it's in the fixture rule, and I failed to see that it's in a different box above the squad registration periods box, I am even trying it now, I don't remember it's there in 2011.
  3. Sead Muratic

    Minnows Winning It All

    It's happenned since - at least - 2008. The game tends to overestimate underestimation (I'm not English speaker, sorry if that's a wrong expression) and exaggerates gap between teams. Gaps among an AI team's priorities also seem too big sometimes, for example there are occasions where big teams unnecessarily rest a lot of players for the reason of facing an only slightly more important game (1st vs 3rd in the league on Sunday, Champions League group stage on Wednesday), no wonder United will field their useless reserve players + worst U-19 players in League Cup against a League 1 club. Last time around, Girona from Segunda B won Copa del Rey in my save, their first teamers beating several La Liga starting elevens which, well CA-wise, are worse than them anyway.
  4. Interesting, SRKI, would you elaborate a little? I can't find anything in the fixture rules related to it. I might need it for future reference in other project as I have completely taken this one to another direction since I ended up merged the third divisions, and I lost track of the original file. Riever & JBZ, thanks for your responses, Guys, I upload the file anyway, even though now I use it only for fun and exercise in setting various cups, rules, etc.. I have holidayed it for three seasons with no error, but I haven't tested it for playability, I would be very grateful if you can open it in the editor and point out any potential problem. These are the links : http://www.mediafire.com/?biyn9lz906h3h3g http://www.gamefront.com/files/21018901/spanishadva.xml (I have hard time to make myself sure it's the latest edit, there are hundreds of them in my folder:))
  5. In the season summary in game, the number of teams look right, 18 teams down, 18 teams up. As I said before, I even tried to shut the promotion/relegation and all these teams still gone. I will upload the file later tonight, but it's not the original system anymore, as I have merged all the child competitions into one big division, out of frustration and curiosity:).
  6. I will post it later tonight, Reiver, I'm in the middle of creating the youth structures. However, I have to tell you that mine is not a faithful recreation anymore since I got the problem. The league structure is still there (1-1-4-18), the amusing playoff is still there, but I tweaked many other details.
  7. ...or that's exactly what you mean?
  8. Thanks. I know what you mean, but no, I don't use that option, I only made change in the database, making all the divisions having equal number of teams. I tried many things including removing the suspicious promotion playoff for a test, and still the teams manage to disappear. I have actually given up, it's just beyond me, and now I am resorting to merging all the divisions into a giant divisions, with a regionalised group stage with borders, and reactivating the playoff. The result is not bad, the grouping for the first season is not perfect (especially since it is Spain, where regionalising means a lot), but it gets tighter after the second season, even better than when I use parent/child competitions, team seem to look for the nearest group to be in when it can't fit into its supposed group. And more importantly, Barcelona no longer gets in there. But if you can go on about how you fixed your problem, it would be better....
  9. Just curious to know what is it in "squad deadline date" option that can't be done with "squad date range"? Doesn't it also allow you to put a deadline? The registration date must start somewhere anyway. I've never used "squad deadline date" so am not sure how it works, on the other hand I find that in this year's version "squad date range" works rather nicely (last year I couldn't get past it without problems), at least it projects to the right year. EDIT : Just get back to the editor and realize that I can't find any option which is exactly named "squad deadline date"
  10. I don't know if your .xml that I've got is the newest one. But in that file you leave the name of the competition to get the qualified team from (Qatari Stars League) blank, maybe you can try putting it in. You can also try to put the team index ("10") instead of filling the "qualification rules". In my experience, you can leave the qualification rules blank for a bottom playoff (or it might read the team from bottom to top for bottom playoff, so "10" might mean "10 from bottom"), then you can even use "get league stage team" with team index, it'll usually work. Sorry if I read your problem wrong.
  11. Can anyone tell me what I could possibly do wrong : 7 teams in my Spanish Third Division Group 1 failed to show up in the second season. They were neither promoted or relegated by position or fates, they just disappeared from the table and fixture although on the team page they still show up as "Team Name Spanish Third Division Group 1" without position (not "Team Name n-th in Spanish Division Group 1"). They would be replaced by the top teams from La Liga, spreading in different leagues in the Tercera. Even after I shut the relegation to the Regional Divisions, these six teams still didn't show up in the second season. I've tried several things but still can't get it right. Any suggestion will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. The first alternative also the only possible way I can think of, although surely it's only usable for competition with a group stage. But if I'm not mistaken, in previous year's version, it will strangely sort the best n-th place by exactly average point per game without we telling it to do so (when there are individual group rules with odd number of teams). I've only recently got the 2012 editor, though, I haven't seen a half of it, I still have some basic problem with understanding why some xml files from 2011 can not be opened in this year's editor. And please someone confirm my fear that this year's advanced panel still won't work with certain nations, no?
  13. Sead Muratic

    [WIP FM2012] Re-Creating Europe

    The idea of copying Athletic is not really a bad one, I did it everytime when making a Basque league. I always imagine that if Basque country have its own league, Athletic - the country's biggest club - will drop that policy altogether, they will opt to maintain their dominance by every possible way since having an all-Basque team will no longer have the same importance or uniqueness as when they play in the Spanish league.
  14. Sead Muratic

    East/West Germany

    I have a 4-tier league with about 180 real clubs, but it's not one of my serious project so I have no plan of uploading it, you can try it if you want though.
  15. Sead Muratic

    FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    You're right, we always have to test the game by managing a team beside holidaying for several seasons. There are also many less fatal mistakes that we can only discover after playing as a team, such as squad registration, board confidence etc., I sometimes encounter weird glitches as manager despite the game run smoothly holidaying. Anyway, I hope you can find out the problem and share it with us