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  1. Hi Cleon, Having re-read a number of your match summaries I notice that you don't mention the weather or pitch size/condition that you are playing on. Without making any generalisations I think it's fair to say that the weather, especially on some lower league standard pitches (OK - I guess suggesting that all lower league pitches are 'bad' is a generalisation!!), effects play and can highlight the strengths or weaknesses of a team. Was there a particular reason that you don't seem to use any shouts/player choices/tactical changes to take advantage/avoid disadvantages of certain conditions? Thanks.
  2. Hi Cleon, Regarding the tactic with strikers, you have mentioned flipping your midfield structure to protect you DWR...but what was your thinking behind the midfield/striker interaction in the first place? It looks like you will get a really nice diamond formed by the DLP, DWL(A), MC (A) and the DLF dropping back...especially assuming that one or both of the MC(A) or DWL(A) may make runs past the DLF? In terms of vertical movement between your MC/ST 'box' you seem to have opted for an attacking right side and a conservative left. Was it specific effort to give the DLF space to drop into and the MC(A) space to attack ahead of him - or did this evolve through some other route? Also, do you find that the DWR becomes a little isolated - and is possibly attempting a number of difficult passes to the MC(A) or AF who are running on ahead? Or do your DM and DCR offer close support? Excellent thread by the way - very much appreciated for my evening reading!
  3. Hi Cleon, From the Sports Centre thread I'm interested in your use of Ben Arfa as an Adv Playmaker (support). There has been lots of discussion on how to set up the AMC in a 4-2-3-1...but I am interested to know what you (& others on the forums!) do when you can't get your AMC to influnce play as much as you'd like? I'm thinking of occassions when my 4-2-3-1 faces a formation with either 1 or 2 DMCs - and my AMC struggles to get on the ball. When this happens I often alter my AMCs role to encouage more running towards the flanks - mainly to drag the opposition away from the centre and rely on one of the wide men to cut inside, which is a bit of a hit-and-miss plan-B. It's interesting to note IRL that when the AMC isn't influencing play the manager often radically changes the type of player used (Mancini pushing Toure forward successfully) or changes formation (Redknapp often going 4-4-2 less successfully IMO). Do you take a similar approach in FM - or have you managed keep your AMC the fulcrum of your attack in most situations?
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