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  1. Game seems ok, but its clear offsides are broken. The offsides don't take into account what happened or who played the ball. So for example if Mount plays Werner through, and Werner scores. But Odoi was 1mm offside on the other side of the field and no where near the ball, goal doesn't count as its offside. Seen it happen a dozen times. Happens a lot from corners. Ball gets crossed in. Zouma heads it at near post, but Werner was at far post (ball didnt get that far) and 1mm offside, so doesn't count.
  2. The easiest tactic by far is to have most of your team hang back, so there is space in behind, and then ping long balls in behind the other team. Long balls from defenders and wide shots from fullbacks are WORLD CLASS, Long balls in behind are pin point. Yet as soon as you get near the box everyone can't see each other or forgets entirely how to pass. Its a ME issue,
  3. In this match engine, a Centre Back can hit a pin point perfect pass across half the pitch to a winger. Regularly. Yet a winger can not do a 5ft cutback cross from near the byline. As soon as a penalty box appears, every player forgets stuff that 8 year olds learn.
  4. Tackling seem to be out of control. Sides making 70+ tackles a game, with 75%+ accuracy. For example, Oscar one of the hardest working attacking midfielders, renowned for getting back and tackling has 2.8 tackles per game in real life. Azpilicueta one of the best defenders in the league at the moment, has 3 tackles per game in real life. Yet in FM2015 players without the defensive abilities of the above players, are making up to 10 tackles a game with 75% accuracy, including attacking players with terrible tackling, position and work rate stats. Making perfect lunging tackles from behi
  5. Fixes to the Match Engine that would be great. Turn the midfield into more of a battle, at the moment its just pass, pass, pass, pass cross/shot for each side. Not needed is 100+ tackles a game, but slightly missed passes due to pressure, less ability to dribble through so many players. Desperation in players to get to the ball. Anyone notice how your 15 acceleration and 16 pace player, seems to jog toward the ball for 5 seconds. While some 8 acceleration, 8 pace player sprints at it twice the speed. They both arrive at the same time, but the ME has decided the 8 acc 8 pace player
  6. My striker has more goals scored than games played. Hell, my backup striker has almost as many goals as games played, and 70% of those games played were 20 minute sub appearances.
  7. Some peoples tactics resolved around exploiting the weakness in the ME I guess. When its patched out, suddenly the game is terrible.
  8. Doesn't a hidden stat also affect the players willingness to train hard ? Ambition or something similar.
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