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  1. The easiest tactic by far is to have most of your team hang back, so there is space in behind, and then ping long balls in behind the other team. Long balls from defenders and wide shots from fullbacks are WORLD CLASS, Long balls in behind are pin point. Yet as soon as you get near the box everyone can't see each other or forgets entirely how to pass. Its a ME issue,
  2. In this match engine, a Centre Back can hit a pin point perfect pass across half the pitch to a winger. Regularly. Yet a winger can not do a 5ft cutback cross from near the byline. As soon as a penalty box appears, every player forgets stuff that 8 year olds learn.
  3. Games too random as someone else put it. You tell the players to do something, and they just do whatever. Tweak every setting to have a player go in and win the ball, but if the opposition sits their line at a certain rate, he just wont. As in the opposition player has to cross an imaginary line, and then suddenly everything changes and your players wake up. Crossing has issues, as in the slowing down when their is space, waiting till that space is closed and then trying. Dribbling has issues, player has 20 dribbling and just dribbles into a player who cant tackle, loses ball. Shooting has issues. Decision making has issues. You are constantly trying to tweak so that the randomness of the ME isn't so random, and you are on the right "invisible magic lines" for certain stuff to happen. Rather then is all being consistent and you being able to build something the way you want.
  4. Have played FM for years. Same issue with this one. Dominate the games, and one of two things happens. You score a bunch, like 6 goals. Or you cannot score even though you hammer their goal. Last game as barca, had 30 shots on goal, and like 12 on target. Including a rebound that fell to messi, unmarked in the box, who has 20 finishing, and didn't score. 0-0 I think my season so far is 6-0 0-0 0-0 4-1 0-0 0-0 Each game with tons of shots on targets including 1v1s. Average keepers making incredible saves over and over and over again.
  5. You post that the majority of your goals come from through balls. Then you put up an image showing you scored 32 from crosses, and 21 from through balls.
  6. Match Engine seems to just lead to a situation where crosses happen A LOT. Seems that players no matter how instructed, will look for someone that the engine THINKS is in space. Hence the constant long balls out of defence. The ball going wide so much, the amount of crosses that come in. Game gets hit out wide so much, because that player seems to be in more space, the cross comes in because he is wide and has maybe 1 passing option. He puts it far post often, as the player running in far post seems to have the most space. GOAL. Full backs hit crossfield balls to each other, because they think that player is in more space. Players find it harder to play intricate passes in the middle, because the players out wide are in more space. Doesn't matter if the player out wide will have 2 defenders on him, and the option in the middle would lead to a through ball that slices the defence apart. Nope, out wide. If you want a tactic that wins easily, have your central midfield players set up so you can play out of defence easily and then distribute the ball wide. Get the ball into the box via a cross, and then if they clear it, your central midfield players and defenders get the clearance and send it wide again. You will win so many games its not funny.
  7. Game engine at the moment is pretty poor. Even though winning is easy. Fullbacks playing crossfield ball from one side, to the other fullback, as he is in a little space. Who then plays another crossfield ball back to the other fullback, as he is in a little space. Fullback gets forward into a ton of space, then waits 5 seconds as the defender closes him down, before kicking it into that defender at the last second. Turn on early crosses, well I will just boot it to the other fullback, or do the same thing. Turn on byline instead, same thing, only i stand near the byline before waiting for the defender and doing it. Change tempo, tell them to pass from deep, tell them to pass to centre. Doesn't matter. Make it so a midfield player is always available. Ok, now I will 50% of the time play it to the DM after waiting 6 seconds instead, now he will crossfield ball it to the other fullback, who will crossfield ball it back to the original fullback, who will wait for a defender to close and kick it into him. Most balls go out to overlapping fullbacks. Very much harder to play through the middle. Put it on retain possession, less crossing, play through the middle. YOUR HAVING A JOKE, hahahaha. Lets do very little with it, and then crossfield ball it back and forth to fullbacks. Short passing, retain possession, central. WIDE AND CROSS INTO DEFENDER The opposition just sits back and then hits a longball to their striker, ALL THE TIME. Ohh our team is in the 80th minute, we have had 0 shots on goal, and 1 off goal from outside the box in 80 minutes, we are 2-0 down. Better continue to smash long balls to our striker like it hasn't worked all game so far. Next team, well these guys are beating people, better just defend with 9 outfield players and hit longballs to our striker like every other team. This is from winning the EPL 3 times in a row and smashing the champions league, no team close to me. Its not the winning thats the problem, its how the match engine plays out, its pretty poor. There have been much better displays of football previously. Occasionaly you get a great goal, but mostly you can just see how its coded to prefer things. Have two playmakers in space in front of their back 4, and a striker making a run through the middle. Well, I could play some intricate passes. I mean all the tactics you have told me indicate that. Instead though I will wack it out wide, even though you have done everything almost possible to prevent this, and then I will stand still and wait 5 seconds before kicking it into a defender. I have downloaded nearly a dozen peoples other tactics, just to look at how the match engine works under them. As I was getting annoyed at how easy to win it was, without the football being anywhere near decent and the ME just pushing everything in a specific direction. Why it I have a 5 man midfield, DPS, players in midfield that are coming short and available for passing. Set to control, set to retain possession, the striker is Deep Lying Support. Do my players, who are on short passing and told not to try long passes. Immediately try and hit a ball forward to my striker, who is maker by 4 players of cause, behind the defence no less. When he has been told to come short. No matter how many instructions you give the players to NOT DO THIS, you free up other players, you move the striker so he isn't a target for it. They still try it, high decision quality players, teamwork passing stats, available players to pass to. WHACK, ooops. Its pretty disappointing, I turn it off after a game nowadays. Hoping for a patch badly, yet the last patch made it worse.
  8. I have found this. Every team I play against plays as defensively as possible. Pumps long balls that I always intercept. Even though I win game after game against such tactics, next team plays as defensively as possible. Self fulfilling prophecy ?
  9. I would move all your midfield up 1 step if it was me. Hazard, Oscar and Ramires to AM Fabregas and Matic to CM If you put the wide players on Inside Forward Support they will defend by marking players, but also push forward and inside. If you put a central player on Attacking Midfielder - Support. He will also drop deep and mark a player. With dropping your entire midfield deep you may be inviting too much pressure on yourself. Turning it from a counter attacking threat, into just a defensive tactic. Costa will struggle to get the ball and hold it up long enough to get help, and anyone who breaks forward with the ball, is only going to be able to pass backwards and break the counter. If I ever set up for the counter tactic. I set it up for 2 types of play. When I can counter. When I cannot counter. So I set the team shape to be able to counter, but in roles that will keep possession to pass the ball around and also defend well when I can't counter. Then I turn on counter attacking. With things in the Match Engine they way they are, you don't want to give the opposition a chance to get too many crosses or long shots in. My Chelsea team is set to counter (was previously set to control, but in a way that it also attacked like a counter at times) Undefeated in the league and won the league with 8 matches to play. Not saying its perfect but it can work. I play with a high line, retain possession, tight marking, get stuck in. Switching to Counter already drops your Defensive line a fair bit. Tactic kind of works by penning the opposition into their half, and when the ball comes out the team will either counter if possible, or pass it around and try and break down the opposition and create chances. When finally the opposition breaks out, you try and win the ball back and as soon as you do, they will either counter, or if they can't. Play it around again. Rinse and Repeat.
  10. Tackling seem to be out of control. Sides making 70+ tackles a game, with 75%+ accuracy. For example, Oscar one of the hardest working attacking midfielders, renowned for getting back and tackling has 2.8 tackles per game in real life. Azpilicueta one of the best defenders in the league at the moment, has 3 tackles per game in real life. Yet in FM2015 players without the defensive abilities of the above players, are making up to 10 tackles a game with 75% accuracy, including attacking players with terrible tackling, position and work rate stats. Making perfect lunging tackles from behind inside the box, over and over. Fernandinho for man city, averages 3.8 tackles per game and its pretty much his only job. edit. Chelseas stats this season in tackles per game (real life) is an average of 21 tackles per game. My Chelsea team in FM2015 would easily be 3x that per game. A game should have roughly 20 tackles per side during a match, around 40 all up. The current game has 140+ tackles per game not being unusual.
  11. Yea have to agree. Feels like attributes have been so diluted with morale, form and all in tactic instructions and such. Closing down, hackling, defensive or offensive settings. That they don't seem to matter much anymore. Your 18 acceleration 18 pace player, with 16 agility and 17 dribbling ability, is chased down by a player half his speed and tackled "That was a perfect tackle" inside the box, over and over.
  12. Fixes to the Match Engine that would be great. Turn the midfield into more of a battle, at the moment its just pass, pass, pass, pass cross/shot for each side. Not needed is 100+ tackles a game, but slightly missed passes due to pressure, less ability to dribble through so many players. Desperation in players to get to the ball. Anyone notice how your 15 acceleration and 16 pace player, seems to jog toward the ball for 5 seconds. While some 8 acceleration, 8 pace player sprints at it twice the speed. They both arrive at the same time, but the ME has decided the 8 acc 8 pace player made a tackle. And most importantly, Keepers not deflecting every shot to the opposition to tap in. Though as above, I think this is the defenders not chasing the ball in properly.
  13. My striker has more goals scored than games played. Hell, my backup striker has almost as many goals as games played, and 70% of those games played were 20 minute sub appearances.
  14. Some peoples tactics resolved around exploiting the weakness in the ME I guess. When its patched out, suddenly the game is terrible.
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