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  1. Probably not because I'm not a regular here, but is that really the point? I haven't been on the benefit of an own goal from a corner as far as I can remember, certainly not in such calamitous fashion. If it's a deflection then fair enough.
  2. So I just lost 6-5 on aggregate to Reading in the play-offs semi-final extra-time. First leg, 3-1 up, then Gomis scores a calamitous own goal from a corner before Jonathan Walters makes it 3-3 with a fine strike. Alright, bit annoying, but these things happen. 2-1 up in the second leg, only for Harry Maguire to head into his own net from two yards. Into extra-time we go, the game is cheating, but I'll still overcome it. Nah. 111th minute, in comes another routine corner, but Ben Foster decides to drop it into his own net. There's no response to that. What is this? I've just wasted an entire
  3. Was an incredibly poor decision. Whose idea was that?!
  4. What do you mean 'home tactic' and 'away tactic'? I was praising this anyway - I just came 6th with Ipswich in my first Prem season! The only thing that is inconsistent is a) the defence and b) results against the top teams.
  5. This is really rather good. Just finished 6th with Ipswich in my first season in the Prem. 3rd highest scorers in the league; but sort of middle of the table in terms of goals conceded. I found the tactics don't really work against the top sides - don't think I beat any of the five sides above me all season. It can be a little bit leaky so I might adopt a new tactic next season to play against the big sides. Essentially this is counter-attacking at its finest though. Its rare for me to have 45%+ possession in a game yet I create chances galore.
  6. Click on your club drop down at the top, go to team policy, and untick the box so that your assistant doesn't control it
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