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  1. Probably not because I'm not a regular here, but is that really the point? I haven't been on the benefit of an own goal from a corner as far as I can remember, certainly not in such calamitous fashion. If it's a deflection then fair enough.
  2. So I just lost 6-5 on aggregate to Reading in the play-offs semi-final extra-time. First leg, 3-1 up, then Gomis scores a calamitous own goal from a corner before Jonathan Walters makes it 3-3 with a fine strike. Alright, bit annoying, but these things happen. 2-1 up in the second leg, only for Harry Maguire to head into his own net from two yards. Into extra-time we go, the game is cheating, but I'll still overcome it. Nah. 111th minute, in comes another routine corner, but Ben Foster decides to drop it into his own net. There's no response to that. What is this? I've just wasted an entire ****ing season - roughly 12 hours of my life? - only to be completely cheated, or glitched, or however you want to phrase it, out of promotion. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this is a common glitch? Either way, I think I'm out. SI, you've become lazy, and you need competition to wake up.
  3. Was an incredibly poor decision. Whose idea was that?!
  4. Why am I getting crash dumps (on average) every 3 games? Saving before every game just in case it happens is an absolute pain, as is re-loading and praying it doesn't happen again. Making it unplayable for me...
  5. Just me, or does one bad result derail things FAR too easily? How can I go from having a title-challenging side, picking up say 14 points from 6 games, to then having one bad day and losing four in a row? This has happened 3 or 4 times now. It doesn't make sense.
  6. I'm a history buff, so would find this brilliant. Would recommend trying to store information on what that particular region is in modern terms somewhere so that the player is fully aware which region they are playing in.
  7. Well aren't they? Because this beta certainly isn't.
  8. Reina's been poor for me, but then I suppose at least its realistic.
  9. Using Liverpool, lost away to Stoke 2-0, drew 1-1 at home to Norwich, got a good 0-0 draw at the Emirates, lost 1-0 at home to City and lost 4-1 at Stamford Bridge. I'm 19th. Yes, I've had three hard games, but this is still pathetic. Every goal, by me or the opposition, seems to be from a winger running down the line, crossing it and the other winger tapping in with the goalkeeper standing on his line doing **** all. Very frustrating. I think I'll give Liverpool a miss for now - maybe go back to them on the real thing - as it seems this game is far tougher and, so far, I have to say, very repetitive and frustrating.
  10. Reina, Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Allen, Gerrard, Borini, Suarez, Downing If Liverpool could somehow unearth a Cristiano Ronaldo type wideman to leave Borini and Downing fighting for the other attacking spot, I swear to God that is an excellent line-up.
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