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    I have been playing champ man since the 99 version! Contact me by my email:James_kell123@hotmail.com

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    Football obviously and just chillin with my mates

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  1. Cost - Ipod Touch

    Yeah I'm on a students budget hence being a tight arse on squeezing out that extra £2. But guys I was only asking how they came up with the price and I thank Marc for suppling me with that price of information. Pints are £1.40 for students here so a tad more than 2 pints. Also I have an iPod as it was a leaving present off the old folks. What's the game like compared to the pc version then if I'm going to have to fork out £7?
  2. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  3. Just wondering how you came up with the price of £7. I am in love with the pc version and I am currently involved in the FML beta but seriously, £7 for the game on an ipod. Champ man and the other footy sim on the ipod are only around £3. In my opinion £7 is way too high for this game. GTA is a £40 game on every other platform than the ipod and on the touch is was like a fiver. If you decreased this to under a fiver I would get this game without a second thought, I just can't bring myselfto bring £7 sorry. Basically the question here is how did SI comeup with the price of £7?
  4. so does this tournament run along side the current tournaments a team has or does it delete all current fixtures and replaces it with this one?
  5. Attributes Cap

    what is FMRTE?
  6. Attributes Cap

    but back to the topic question, is there no guide to how many attributes you can dish out for a CA score?
  7. Attributes Cap

    (to above post) thats the point, you can't put all attributes to 20 and have CA as 1
  8. Attributes Cap

    thanks for the help guys but is their not a guide to this?
  9. Attributes Cap

    Does anyone actually know the maximum amount of attribute points you can apply all together to Technical, Mental and Physical skills?