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  1. See the part circled in yellow , click that and you can change things...not sure if you need the editor to do it, but i do have it .
  2. it never worked for me either , i made a new save ... then totally closed the game, restarted my pc and noe it works fine ...
  3. i might be wrong but Estonia is set as Accumulative in the editor , which means that even though he has been living in the country for that time, he may have been playing abroad in Ukraine , which means he has not played in Estonia enough to qualify....
  4. I have the same files and loaded the Vanuatu editor data into the pre game editor i found this , hope it helps....
  5. Could you post your files somewhere? i have been playing Oceania for a while and its frustrating it dont work well... thanks
  6. Dorking Wanderers 2019/20 Vanarama National League South Competitions Transfers Finances Profiles of best players of the season
  7. Please help , how do people set up training on this....im so confused
  8. I tried this challenge last year and got Staines up to the 2nd Division.....This time im going to try with a local team to me Dorking Wanderers Vanarama National League South 2019/20 Dorking are predicted to finish 22nd out of 22 teams , 250-1 to win title... Sure going to be a struggle for manager Bobby Moore....
  9. Rinus Michels .... Total football .... Genius .... Beautiful football teams
  10. Managing Staines and i am in my 6th season with them... I managed to get into league two....now in my 3rd season.... in 2021/22 season finished 19th.....in 2022/23 season finished 4th and lost in the play-offs Division Two im finding the hardest to get out of , club finances are tough, and the board wont let me upgrade or raise my wage budget... Hopefully this season ican finally get out of the Division Two... Career Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy EFL Cup EFL Trophy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Vanarama National League South 4th 1st rd 1st rd - - play off semi final losers 2019/20 Vanarama National League South 2nd 1st rd 3rd Qu Rd - - play off winners 2020/21 Vanarama National League 7th 3rd rd 3rd rd - - play off winners 2021/22 Sky Bet League Two 19th 1st rd - 1st rd group 4th 2022/23 Sky Bet Leauge Two 4th 1st rd - 1st rd group 4th play off losing finalist
  11. What i do is use Claassen's amazing pack , currently i am managing Tahiti world ranked 152nd ....But as international management can become tedious with lack of games i also am managing AS Tefana in the Tahitian First Divison....Its also a good way of training up the International team...
  12. Question about settings, what boxes should i pick...like add key staff and the like, can someone please show me their set up/....As when i set up my game i had no players or staff at all...
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