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  1. Another one which have been on my wishlist for years ... since '93 - lol
  2. If your squad is that strong the bench should also be strong enough to play with a B-side against the lesser teams. Time to give those promising 4-5 star youngsters their first team experience
  3. 36 years and started with the first PC version of CM, bought it each year since. Started playing soccer management games on the C64 with world soccer & world soccer league. Still don't understand why the sliders were dropped. Guess I'm getting too old.
  4. The specs only make huge jumps when they start building a new engine, in this case it might happen when they move from 32 -> 64 bit games.
  5. Do it the Paradox way, allow the users to register their game keys to their forum user.
  6. When you think your real life club should hire you instead of the current manager.
  7. What's your date in the game? If I recall well you can only sign players without a contract from July till December. To my knowledge there is also only a limit for U16 to sign contracts.
  8. Still weird to see such a small shadow for an enormous ball.
  9. You can try to call them up for your squad when they aren't selected. Best moment is to add them to your pre-selection as soon as they have recovered from an injury and missed an international selection.
  10. I suppose the change of a large football family isn't included? 10+ kids lol
  11. I totally agree with the OP. Svenc, I disagree with you about making less clicks, with the new TC I have to make way more clicks during a match to make small changes.
  12. In my humble opinion it did make a difference as after making these small changes the match balance could shift the whole way around.
  13. I'm sure it's possible to get the same result, it will only take way longer to do it.
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