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  1. Perhaps hyperbole on my part, but I do recall having spent a lot more attention to it last year than in previous years. Maybe I am just a tactical dinosaur and need to get with the times.
  2. Good to hear, knew it was reported and it is quite evident when you watch the matches that there are a lot of easy chances getting stopped and the vast majority of goals scored in my matches tend to be quite ugly. Probably means that tactics will be constantly in flux again just like last year, seems like I needed to change them up a lot after every patch. Don't mind it as it keeps me on my toes I guess. Also I recognize I am a lurker, but I know for a fact (Rafa fact perhaps?) I have posted here before... :o Gareth, have you taken a look at Umtiti? He was great last year too, always floated around the top clubs in all my saves and progressed really quickly for me under the tutelage of Vidic.
  3. These will all be a bit pricey I'd say, I was able to get Umtiti for 7.5M somehow at the end of the first season. I am in my 3rd season and he is my best CB now, most 20/20 scouts rated him as a 4* potential in my game at least and that is now what Tassotti (my AM) says he is, but he's possibly a random PA (as I would guess is Marquinhos). Just speculation of course, so hope I am not upsetting the purists that don't want to know anything about PAs, by saying that. Strange things happening in the beta version (most reported already). I won the league without any major signings, 97 points...but didn't even score 70 goals...no team scored over 70 in the first season, just seems too tight at the back. Granted I play 442 with DMs, which explains my lower tally, but it doesn't explain the rest of the league. Another quite odd thing I found is Real Madrid listed Gareth Bale after the first season; I was able to snatch him up for 44M. He broke my wage bill though so not exactly a deal, but how could I say no? Was able to get him on 275K p/w but as you all know, that now means I have Rooney and RvP on 275K now...ending my 3rd season now, this one is a bit closer since the Chelsea kids are now close to full potential, but I am almost certain to make it 3 leagues on the bounce.
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