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  1. Wallys update

    OMG I've found it! Cheers Cunning!
  2. Wallys update

    Ye mate tried all that, I even uninstalled the game and tried it from square one. Can't understand why it's not there. Anyway someone can send theirs to me or something. I'd really appreciate it?
  3. Wallys update

    Hi Wally, couple of things that I'd suggest you change. Firstly make everyones' contract both a year shorter (so that people like Nasri are in the final year of their contracts, like in real life) and also put them as being at their clubs a year longer so that players that have been at their clubs since the last transfer window or earlier can be signed by another club e.g. Darren Bent, van der Vaart, David Luiz etc. Also I noticed that Portsmouth have a transfer embargo until September 30th on your update which isn't right now is it!? Maybe I'm wrong on that one, not sure. :-S P.S I Have tried everything to try and find the data editor on my computer tried all of the C:\Program blah blah blah blah blah and it is not on my laptop. Anywhere I can download it from? Looked everywhere but had no luck. Cheers.