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  1. Mind providing link of SI making such confirmation? For me, "discussed to death" is not too convincing.
  2. I knew AI play mind game with human. The point is will AI manager play mind game to AI manager?
  3. How could you so sure? Are you from SI? No matter how "smart" human could be, as long as we could not "read" ME, there is little chance you can take advantage over AI. Unless you're talking about ME exploit. Many here played the same team, the same players, the same tactics since beta. But each major ME update shows different style of gameplay. That's why there are more complain than ever.
  4. There are other things human player do in FM, like media talk, familiarity of tactic, interact with players, will affect team performance and we don't know if the same applied to AI team? Are there some performance-affected events only trigged by human player? For example, will AI manager try to play mind game with another AI manager? If not, then when ME calculated result of AI vs AI game, affection of mind game would be excluded. In situation above, "ME doesn't distinguish human team from AI team" stand correct. But result of calculation might be very different when ME take affection of "mind game" into consideration.
  5. I have a feeling, this ME update either, literally, reset familiarity of both formation and tactics or my team suddenly forget about how to play football. I continued last save of Dortmund team, almost same players after 6 season. But under ME 1339 they looked like never played each other before. I watch some AI vs AI games, they are much promising, compared to last ME. But when my team play, they are terrible to watch. Poor decision everywhere, DLP released a through ball down to flank, fullback who is unmarked receive ball and pass it back to DLP immediately. What on earth this "poor decision" could happen in top level football? In counter attack, my players seems have no ideal about how to do it. Either cross to no man's land, or waiting for been tackled. The "poor decision making" FM13 try to simulate is very unrealistic for me. In beta ME, we have "poor decision" like, strikers have ccc but back pass to teammate. Even now, this poor decision are still in unacceptable level. For me, FM13 is most disappointing experience I have ever had. It start very promising and end up with disappointment.
  6. ME this year is much promising than before. I'm surprised that some people didn't recognize it. ME this year does emphasize more on intelligent of players. Off ball movement is much better now. That's why we can play Tiki-Taka football under ME 2013. Pace and acceleration no longer the only factors to bring lots of CCC. Slower but intelligent strikers are able to create CCC as well. I believe that's one of reasons that makes crossing more effective than before. The problem of ME2013 is unbalance, not unplayable in my opinion. SI are aware of it and working on it. I would rather have a long waiting but much balance ME than a quick-fix every week.
  7. Because we are paying customers, not beta tester. I stoped playing FM13 since ME1325. I would rather SI takes time to deliver a moderate ME update than going too far again. We already , literally, beta tested ME with "not enough shoots" and "too many shoots". Hopefully, we will get better balance this time.
  8. No team talk can stop players act like idiots. FM is designed to make your team run into trouble and you have to manage it. I had very similar scenario almost every season with you. Start a good run, on top of league. Then suddenly my team slump, slide to 7th or 8th. Morale is low and I use team meeting to boost morale. We start to win again and won the league. There is a scenario engine to make sure team run into "over achieved" or "under achieved". When you are in, very few thing you can do to turn it around immediately. During this period, you have to see 11 top players act like 11 idiots, they can't run, can't pass, can't defend, and opposite scored easily. During this slump, if you play a friendly game which won't affect by this scenario engine, you would find your tactic and players are actually working fine. We knew ME13.2.1 has some problems like lacking play making ability from central midfielder, no through ball, wide player dribble too much, but it do look less problematic in friendly game. Once you start to play regular season games, the scenario engine would be back to affect ME and your players would play like idiots from time to time. I'm in my 5th season with Dortmund, I had see this enough.
  9. As much as I respect commitment SI showed by releasing a hot-fix in X'mas eve, ME13.2.1 is not playable to me. I will wait for next patch. Hopefully, we will have more balance ME to deal with dribble, long shoot, through ball and press. I certainly won't be an early bird when FM2014 be released. It's just painful to go through ME13.1 to ME13.2.
  10. If people just want to hit continue button and let the ME show them the result, then they don't have to change tactics for every ME. But people play FM13 who know the strength and weakness of their squad would try to manage it to get the best result they could. When every ME change shows completely different style of play, it might frustrate those people. I, for one, play Dortmund from beta with a default 4231. With ME 13.1.x, my team doing really well. When attacking, they are good technical players try to utilize space by good movement and passing. They are not very good at defending and cost us CL games every year. But I lived with that. We have 4 attacking midfielders reached 5-10 goals and 10 assists every season. 2 Strikers who score 30 and 15 goals. To me, my tactics is sound, so does the result. Since patch 13.2.x, everything changed. Besides set-peace, every goal seems came from a player dribbled over 2-4 defenders. They either shoot themselves to goal or shoot been blocked, teammate scored the rebound. My team no longer play the style I enjoyed with ME13.1.x. Even our win-lose percentage are almost the same before or after ME13.2. This is first time since FM12, I would like to visit Tactic forum to see how can I get my old Dortmund back with ME13.2.x. I want to change the default "sound" 4231 tactic because the ME is not sound enough to reflect it.
  11. Sine ME 13.2, through ball from attacking players are missing dramatically. Counter attack situation which a through ball can nail it become horrible to watch. Player would either pass to feet of teammate who can easily run into a CCC by a through ball or take long shoot himself. After a nightmare patch 13.2, I'm not sure if I would like SI to "fix" this. Overall, ME13.2 turn into a "dribble game" rather a "pass game" to me. I enjoy the passing style of ME13.1, player actually hold the ball, look for teammate to pass and play them into score situation. It was a joy to watch. Now, patch 13.2 make me feel like if my player can not dribble himself into dangerous position there won't be a decent chance been created. The ME 13.2.1 is much better than ME13.2 which was the lowest level I could expect from SI. But no match to ME 13.1.3 to me.
  12. In my opinion, lacking competition in football managing game is key for SI's lacking of action toward negative feedback of patch 13.2. If customers still buy their games, why should they change attitude when dealing with negative feedback? In real life business, competition drives company to deliver better product from time to time. Even Apple had apologized to customers for poor Maps they delivered. A Sr.VP fired. That's power of free market and competition which are missing in football managing game. As a paid customer, all I want is result. I did not have to think whether it's X'mas or how long a fix will take. I would suggest those who are not happy with FM13.2 keep claim and waiting for SI's response. If you don't like it, don't buy their games. That is the only way for SI to pay for their mistake. Ranting at Mod here is in vain. Most of them are not employee of SI. Nothing they can do about it.
  13. Thanks. Do you know how to delete those "Copy of xxx info"? I have problem delete them.
  14. In my 5th season with Dortmund, I played against Chelsea in Super Cup. Harzard had 21 run on me. I have no answer to this. Close down, tackle just can't stop him. I adapted a "sound" default 4231 without any touch of individual instruction. Using shout out to right the wrong my team made in game. After patch 13.2, I honestly have no ideal how to play it. SI need a proactive investigation on this now. Don't sit there and asking your paid customer to provide saved to help you out. Start a new game at highest league, play it yourself. I reload the same game, play another used to be "sound" default 4231 with defensive mental. Harzard been tackled hard, show weak feet, tight mark, close down always. He still have no problem at all. Third time replay same game. Same tactic but change duty of FBs to defend. Not working, at least for Harzard.
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