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  1. Just beat Spurs 2-1 with a Papiss Cissé double in the FA cup semi-final, into the final I go! either City or Wolves.. think i know who i'll be faceing..
  2. Anyone else notice Krul to be a good penalty stopper? Liverpool only scored 1 out of the 5 in a pen shootout in the cup, and he has saved the last 3 pen's in league and cup, the latest being a stop at 0-0 in the league cup final vs Brighton which I just won 1-0 thanks to Cissé, I will post a season review once i've finished but so far am looking very good for a 1st seaosn, currently 2nd 4 points behind Arsenal, Cmon Toon!
  3. Looking for a Striker 1st seaosn with Newcastle, £5m to spend 50k wage really, January update used
  4. Hi guys, i've just started a save on the new update (January) im playing a 5-3-2 but with a Dm being one of the 3, So im playing ------------------Krul ----------Mbiwa-Taylor-Collocini Debuchy-------Tiote-----Santon -------Cabaye----Sissoko------- ------Goufran------Cisse-------- So im not using wingers, So what to do with Ben arfa, Jonas, Obertan & Marvuex? Ben Arfa: He's too good to let go, so re-train to Cm, or St (Deep lying forward)? Jonas: Was going to sell, but due to him having 14 tackling, i thought i'd re-trian him to LWB, Or should i sell? And as for Obertan and Marvuex, i thought just straight sell? Any other ideas? Also, If i can sell Obertan and Marvuex, or anyone else, who should i sell, and how much should i expect to get for them? and who have you lot found to be a good 1st season signing? Thanks
  5. Hi, great tactic! do you use the shouts from the start of the match?
  6. Hi guys, Started with Saints cos i like the Asymetric formation and they're players suit it, Bought Wellington Nem, And looking for Young English talent aswell as having Shaw and Prowse, trying to sign Will Hughes, Any others?
  7. Im Az Alkmaar, Got £1m, but would much prefer to just change into wage, So A good Cb i could loan in the first season below 30k wage? Or Any free agents? All positions considered, Trying to get Drenthe, but have Valencia as competition, So any advice on who to buy? or loan? thanks
  8. Whats wrong with this game? Can't win.. no formation works, every teams shot seems to go in, yet a 1 on 1 for me goes nearer the corner flag... So frustrating... they've ruined it this year, what formations is everyone else finding good? i've tried 4-5-1(Dm) 4-3-3 pushed wingers, 4-3-3 normal wingers, some 4-4-2 but that ended catastrofically.... reallly not impressed with the game this year...
  9. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Yohan Mollo Your Team: Liverpool Buyer/Seller: As Nancy Player's Value: £5.5m Offer: £6,75m Season: 2nd July OR Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Miroslav Stoch Your Team: Liverpool Buyer/Seller: Fenerbache Player's Value: £6m Offer: £13m Season: 2nd July Both accepted, both done, Both same strengths, speed, big matches, weaknesses, not team players, but Stoch has a better long shot, and much better finishing, Just want to know from experience... thanks
  10. haha sorry about that, my fingers are freezing and i just tap away, ill try harder. Signed Clyne for 6m and have just signed the Ox for 10m and Kelly, good deal? and thanks, will take a look at them!
  11. Holiday'd The 1st season, and liverpool got 8th, Won the League Cup, so Europa League, Got 26m and 350k Wage bill available, Going to Start buying Only English players, And seeming as Southampton are going down, is Nathaniel Clyne for 6m A good buy? gonna move Kelly to Cb, and let carragher into the Staff room, Any other English Recomendations?
  12. Oh Balls :/ , Just got smashed 3-0 by stoke.. Realistic result in real life, but still hacks me off, had near on 60% possesion... got nothing special going forward
  13. Where Does everyone else Play Suso? As i don't use a CAM im looking to Re-train him, Either a Winger (either side) Most probably right though, or just simply a Cm... But being a skillfull player, is him playing Cm limiting his ability? Any help? Thanks
  14. Playing 4-3-3 With 3 Cm's and Wingers pushed up to the top of the pitch and Suarez is simply un-stoppbale from LF as an inside forward, Surprised Borini picks up goals..
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