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  1. You are also assuming that is all we have on steam, I play a number of other games and therefore may need to update them.
  2. Not sure how much has improved. Constantly spinning players on the ball, don't know which direction to take. Dont like the tackles when the player flies to the floor, looks like a free kick but isn't way to many own goals. Managed to score one from half way in to my own half. Perfect passes by opposition, but top players cant pass the ball, or kick it straight at players backs. Way to many goal mouth scrambles seem to always work in the favor of the opposition, usual due to defenders just staring at the ball. Seriously HATE this game at the moment, SI you really broke the mold on this one, so given the amount of damage within this release, I can't see this being fixed by tiny incremental patches. You have broken a once fine game And that's just on the match engine,
  3. Would anyone find a ghosting/trace of a selected players movements when viewing the match view. I'd thought it would be interesting to monitor certain players movements within a game, but maybe i'm reading too much into the game engine and how I expect the AI players to react with their surroundings (eg zonal - man-man marking)
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