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  1. Gif Recorder,you may want this tool http://gifrecorder.com/download.htm#.W8__JdIzZdh easy to use
  2. i test this one for long time in FM18,not try yet in FM19 We can't do that in fm18. but maybe try AP or Mezzala in fm19
  3. pep tactic,should be very structured in build up learn from this report: https://www.thecoachingmanual.com/Content/4820819387613184 2 CM have been given freedom to roaming in this area. But for other player,stay position. so what role should we use in FM19,for the player to do that
  4. How to utilise Inverted Full Backs https://www.thecoachingmanual.com/Content/4820819387613184 just for reference.
  5. there are 2 way of pep tactic. peps in barca,IF sit narrow,WB push foward at the wing,& CM hold position,& bacame W M shape. & pep in city,IF sit wide,IWB sit narrow,CM push forward.& bacame W M shape. or some time pep do try left IF go wide,right IF sit narrow....& other movement,& W M shape again.
  6. can you make a Liverpool gegenpressing for FM19 ?
  7. route one should be more long ball,i'm quite unhappy with too many short pass
  8. Route 66 Flat 442 Knap plz : 4-4-2 ROUTE ONE.fmf test one game vs Liverpool. Liverpool pressing high,so with route one my team will by pass "Liverpool's pressing zone". & I win 1-4 away,with MU. maybe the tactic still need more tweak
  9. we didn't have a report or guide line for fergie tactic,only from memory,or only from Gary Neville's video. i think i try Leonardo Jardim's Monaco 442 1st,here we got a scout report : https://thecoachingmanual.com/Content/5439277347373056
  10. that was ppl in china share the video in group chat. i just copy it to giphy...
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