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  1. ppl scare to talk about it. team fluidity is not team shape,yes i know it. Or i have to change another way to ask : & what its mean still same.I think is better if i ask this way. skip the sensitive word "fluidity".
  2. i only need this answer,this is the answer i happy with.thank for this..
  3. i know i make trouble for ppl,i sorry. but i just want answer.I drop this issue. answer i got from here : don't care,& discover you self
  4. as baby,you may not know NO support duties = very very very structure game play. you may not know that. if you got some experience,then you didn't need any label
  5. label = guide for baby. if you know football,you didn't need lebel. but for baby,maybe
  6. it isnt even a useful guide for babys. yes, i agree with that. & i can use that Team Fluidity as guide line. some thing like,i want very very very structure game play. but i don't know what role should i use,i don't know what duty should i give. so i can do some test in Team Fluidity label.
  7. you know football,so you don't need it. but still some player got zero in football knowledge but tag = guide for ppl with zero in football knowledge structured = player not move that much. when i see "structured",i may know my player may not move that fluid. its a guide line for "baby".
  8. i think SI should hide it or keep booming by this question. from movie :"its only the begining..." & you know other ppl will keep asking. its not just me,for me i will get answer myself.
  9. that may not all correct, i do some test for you,this is what i learn : fluid = not more than 3 attacking duty,more support duty,& not too many player given "hold position duty" in PI. structured = atleast 4 or more attacking duty,or too many player given "hold position duty" in PI. *you will get structured if you set all your CD,IWB,HB,IF in support duty,but you give them "hold position " in PI. so more support role + more player given "hold position " = structured
  10. yea,i play like that too. but i just want "knowledge". what happen if i do this ? what happen if i do that ? any effect or any difference between fluid vs structure vs flexible ? or its just some thing like "ad" display there.
  11. so that is,we waiting for answer. its a bonus for you too if they give us a guide line answer. if don't what can we do ? we test we ourselves
  12. is this SI official answer or what ? "don't care." ?
  13. i understand team shape gone but i want "knowledge". not thing loss if we know more thing.they can't just answer :"i don't care".
  14. any requirement guide line for Team Fluidity in FM19 ? some thing like, Fluid = require 3 or less attacking role,or or not more than "how many" player been given "hold position" instructions structure = require 4 or more attacking role,or not more than 4 ~ 5 player been given "hold position" instructions very structure = what requirement ? flexible = requirement ? very Fluid = requirement ?
  15. https://thescottishfootballmanager.wordpress.com/2018/10/22/fm19-beta-what-is-gegenpressing/https://www.pro-soccerdrills.com/blog/the-principles-of-the-gegenpressinghttps://spielverlagerung.com/2014/10/07/counter-or-gegenpressing/some info for study,4 tpye of genpressing,
  16. a good detail article from the web. what is Gegenpressing? https://thescottishfootballmanager.wordpress.com/2018/10/22/fm19-beta-what-is-gegenpressing/
  17. if i change some of the player role & duty team fluidity will change. but any detail guide about how do that ? thing i learn, 1) 3 or less attacking role = fluid 2) 4 or more att role = structured but sometime its not base in attacking or support duty.If i set many player to "hold position". Its will show "structured" again. any team team fluidity guide ? i mean what the requirement for very fluid or structured other ?
  18. gifrecoder,you may want it : http://gifrecorder.com/download.htm#.W9JrpNIzZdh easy to use.just recode & save as gif file look like WB in fm19,have change.they will underlap & overlap even i din't tell them to that.
  19. still there,you have to search in tactic setup screen,
  20. no,this is pass & move style Lpool tactic still in study. AI alway bus parking against me
  21. can you have a look on this one . style : fluid pass & move P & M FUILD 4-2-3-1 Wide.fmf
  22. the default tiki taka tactic set 3 playmaker in the middle. maybe we can do the same ?
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