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  1. there are 4 type of high pressing style, 1) Ball orientated 2) Space orientated 3) Man oriented 4) lane oriented for now,i only saw Ball orientated pressing style in FM19 how do we create other pressing style than just chase the ball carrier ?
  2. i'm only success to keep 60~80% possession,but can't score.
  3. here,very detail video,2 long video : should be structured positioning. 1) over load the 1st line 2) overload the middle 3) find the free man 4) specific adjuctments we just know too little about positional play,many thing to learn
  4. for my team is ManUtd,so this is my teamtalk : we are United,so we expect to win,so i have to show my red face see what happen,if no effect then pick defender,Midfield,forward : if the the aggressive work,only few player no respond,then pick the player one by one,tell then : this is the best way i do...very very effective maybe only for big club ? i don't know.. Team Talk for Substitutes ? same,i always do this,said some thing like :
  5. https://footballbh.net/2018/04/10/positional-play/ i know too little about positional play,need study more
  6. Miles said : Let's see who can spot all the easter eggs! ok,i guess : the easter eggs = play as wonderkids ??
  7. its not my tactic,i saw the video & i just make its to gif. its my mistake,i should sign both Tieney & de ligt in 1st season.& Chelsea got them both in my save. 20+m per player,so Chelsea only paid 45~50M i will play a new safe after 2nd Nov. for now i want to test Eric Dier. he can play many potition,& i can use him any where when some body inj
  8. [理性分析] 如何防守利物浦?ll 这片段可以学习一些些的知识。至于FM里如何运用,这要看玩家自己了。
  9. the problem is if i have to sell player i need time.& may not be success. & if i want to sign Sergej Milinković-Savić & Eric Dier,i need do its quick. Other big club is waitng...
  10. Team : ManUtd Player : All same + Lucas Paqueta time:finish 1st season,summer begin Budget:80+M target: 1)Eric Dier = transfer list by request,price fall from 97M to 47M. British ,can play CD、DM、CM,all green.Good defensive stat. 2)Sergej Milinković-Savić = can be sign with price 58M,but have to act quick before other big club join in. 3)dayot upamecano = can sign with price 52~57M,BPD great PA.He got the PPM "brings ball out of defence" & "Plays way out of trouble". Only 80+M to spend,so i can't buy them all. so which one should i pick ? & some ppl said i should sigh a L.Back. & CD & LB should be 1st priority. so what you think ?
  11. can we request a "blue bar" intensity tactic ? the injury in beta is scary.
  12. some player in china said : Tight marking in TI = men to men or zone marking Tight marking in PI = tell player keep closer to his target. marking specific in PI = player will unlikely do "cover" job any more. i think do more test on this..
  13. ha ha ha,that is what i mean i said Team Shape,but i didn't means Team Shape. i speak Team Fluidity,but its not means Team Fluidity... confusing.. we should use new word = “mobility“
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