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  1. we got a bug in pressing for FM19. pressing in FM19 look like this : why don't we just make this 1974's tactic,& see how it done..
  2. pressing in FM19,look same like this,NETHERLANDS OF 1974 HUNTING FOR THE BALL :
  3. pressing & cut the passing lane at same time... how do we make it in FM19 ?
  4. “Don’t mark a player, cover the space between two players.” – Pep Guardiola
  5. oh dear,more thing to learn : man to man flexible man marking space oriented man marking position oriented zonal marking man oriented zonal marking https://spielverlagerung.com/2014/07/01/zonal-marking-zonal-coverage/ https://spielverlagerung.com/2014/07/29/man-coverage-man-to-man-marking/ https://faja1234.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/modern-defensive-systems/
  6. how about Jupp Heynckes style man to man marking,high press ? that means i have to set the marking every game ? tight marking in TI tight marking in PI tight marking in OI tight marking in man to man one by one...
  7. but they not follow the target close enough. maybe due to ME bug..
  8. press (or closingdown) the non-ball carrier? any way to do this ?
  9. You can “write in the paper” but it won’t work. i agree with this, i'm unhappy with how the team pressing in FM19 pressing & closing down is the big big issue in FM19,there is a bug there. i hope they fix this issue 1st before we talk more about other thing
  10. another issue is pressing issue.we got 4 type of high pressing style: so far we only saw ball-oriented high pressing in the game. can't wait to see some body success to create other pressing style & so far M.E 19.12 is "tiki-taka unfriendly". low block counter,or English style football is best in this ME.
  11. 1st,look at this pic, we got 3 fase, Phase 1 — playing out from the back and playing the first opponent/defender away. Phase 2— penetrate through either central, half-space or wide-area. Phase 3 — Get shots inside and outside danger-zone, by low crosses, high crosses, straight crosses, chip-balls, cutbacks, dribbles, combinations etc. Phase 1 & Phase 2 follow the rules.(& the rules is stay in position & don't move at all cost) Phase 3 no rules,you can do every thing. the main issue for pep style. 1)in Phase 2,how to tell player stay in position : look at the red dot,how to tell player stay in position ? stay in position & don't move too far ? 2) why pep style can pressing so effective ? because positional play,player don't need to move too far to chase/press the ball. & that why stay in position is main problem. 3) how to pin IF/w at wide area ? this is another issue i face,how to pin IF/w at wide area & don't move ?! so far,i success to get 70~80% possession,but fail to get the right attacking play.
  12. I mean due to ME issue,so WE only can do 50~60%. i didn't mean,you are poor or somebody is poor,or some thing like this...PLZ don't miss understanding because we can't make "positional play" happen in this ME. without "positional play",that means its not pep style. so that is what i means "we only can 50-60%"...
  13. i think impossible to make pep style in FM19. watch this,to learn why : https://spielverlagerung.com/2018/08/26/video-the-fc-barcelona-and-pep-guardiola-philosophy-explained/ we may only make 50~60% of pep style. 50~60% = still fake pep style.
  14. try this : i get 70~80 % possession for 2 consecutive games. but can score or not that was another story
  15. i got same problem with manutd too,AI bus parking.i try a BBM,with long shot stat > 15,PI take more shot. i score 3 long shot in 2 game...
  16. no need,they will "automatic" run into that area,as long as no body block they way.
  17. request 1366 X 768 resolution for window mode. missing some info in tactic screen.
  18. one of the key point is positioning,for example why pep tactic pressing so easy in real life ? positional play : i think its impossible in FM19,for pep style pressing. but klopp style ? maybe,but not the one ball chasing style
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