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  1. 25 minutes ago, FrazT said:

    I am fairly sure that the purpose of the new manager induction was never going to be at the level that you are looking for. The induction is to provide a wide-ranging general introduction to the game but will never get into micro-management as this would make the content too far reaching. There is a lot more to the game apart from just Tactics.  If you are looking for Tactical master class, then there are plenty of great threads in the Tactics and Training forum where you can get into the tactics module in whatever depth you choose.

    yes i understand new manager induction was never going to be at the level that i looking for.

    i remember when 1st time FM19 video demo came out,many youtuber said :"new manager induction,this is what we hoping for,for newbie or veteran"
    i think they all hoping the same...

  2. 3 hours ago, Fabbio said:

    Yes, but i don't think the ME takes a wide midfielder as a wide forward if i just say to go forward when in possession. Moreover, there are a lot of changes i would do to my team for every phase of play (and are actually made in real football) that are not possible here.

    & positional play,we can't make it work.


    “Don’t mark a player; cover the space between two players. The opponent thinks he’s unmarked, making pressing easier.” Pep Guardiola

    we didn't have a option to tell player "cover the space between two players".

  3. 22 minutes ago, Jyuan83 said:

    The key to guardiola’s man city team is in getting the wingers to stretch the defence for the channels to open up for the two “8”s in david silva and bernardo to exploit with their runs and passing. The wingers also exploit the gaps between the fb and cb and either score goals from good passes from the two playmakers or to cutback across goal for a tap-in. The wingers only enter the box when a killing blow is imminent. From the vid by @kpsia518 sane stayed wide as much as possible until the last possible moment so that the channels remains stretched for the maximum possible exploitation by the playmakers. I would just go with ML/R and put them as roam and stay wider with wm(a). AML/R will always converge too early. Those are wide striker spots anyway.

    & another thing:


    use the 3rd man...

  4. 6 minutes ago, yonko said:

    Good video.

    A few notes:

    - spacing of the players, how spread out they are

    - movement off the ball to support

    - decisions when to penetrate/when to recycle

    - tempo of play, no one is holding the ball too long, 1-2-3 touch play

    This is one passage of play though. Not the whole game, every game, type of tactic.

    In FM terms based on this video I would say:

    - Low team mentality aka risk

    - short passing

    - quicker tempo

    - dribble less

    - more disciplined

    & one thing,don't let opponent camp the penalty box.
    pep :"anyone can go into the boxes,but no one should stay inside."

    how do we tell player to fall back when attack ?


    i think this is important for pep tactic,don't let opponent camp the penalty box.

    look at the video,after city enter the final third,but they got no room to attack.So they all fall back.

    fall back,so try to pull United player up,this make final third a no man land

  5. 17 hours ago, NabsKebabs said:

    there is no option to block passing lanes as a pressing style in the game...so our best bet when playing the high block in FM is to man mark in order to force the turn over of possession. 

    1st,we much do some thing like this ,triangles.
    positioning is the key,attacking & defending.
    your defend is start when your attack.



  6. 13 hours ago, Mitja said:

    i think it's really hard to talk about % when you have things like off the ball movement (like opening or running towards the ball) and basic defending rules not working properly let alone more complicated stuff like positional play or different pressing styles. 5 or 6 years ago, heck even 2 i would have thought we will be able to replicate different styles of football. progress of ME is minimal and cosmetic, personally i find it downgrade to fm17, half of instrcutions don't even do what they say. 

    positioning is the key for positional play.Looks like player move too much in FM19.
    & player retreat too much when i don't what they do it.

    "Stick to positions" been remove in FM19.
    So it take more time to control player movement.

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