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  1. 1. Not seeing the button enough 2. I'm missing the button to terminate the contract with other club! Language: Dutch
  2. Yes this is what I mean. It works very well. I let the screens comes in the evening.
  3. I had the same problem in FM 2016. Every time asking for a new stadium and I'll get a lot of NO and sometimes a YES but the cityboard didn't allow it! Grrr.. After a couple of times it worked by me and I got an new stadium. So keep asking and hoping because technically it is possible.
  4. Hi Tiger666, I'm doing the same thing only for leagues. If you go to the preferences and then to matchscreens you've 2 tabs. I think it is the second tab. There you can select the leagues one by one with the screens you want to see. For example: if you to see the results of the EL then you select the EL cup and profile or results and below that that you will see this in the evening. I'm not having FM playing right now. Can you try?
  5. Yes there must be an extra option for only your own team goals but offcourse conceded must stay.
  6. Hi All, I've an idea about the replay of the goals. No one like conceded goals, I just like to see my team goals in a replay not the goals from the opponent. Maybe in the future you can choose between "all goals" and "own team goals". Have fun all!
  7. Hi SI, I've an idea for the free kick players. There are 2 kind of players for this. The one for the direct free kick and one for the cross (and offcourse the one who can do both). I think that's by the selection for the free kick you can choose which kind of free kick they must take. For example: I'm playing with Liverpool and I want that Suarez will take the direct free kicks and Gerrard the cross free kicks. At the moment is Suarez taking any free kick also the free kicks from the middle of the field.
  8. Totally agree with Bezzin !!! I'm waiting on the second patch. After the second patch the game is always being stable. In the future I will play the game from the moment of the second patch. We pay money and the first 2-3 months we're very cheap testers. I'm done with that. Always we get to hear it's your tactics, it's your tactics. Very strange because after the second patch the tactics are always fine.
  9. Hi all, When is the 2nd patch coming? The game is (for me) unplayable because of the match engine. Thanks and have fun with playing :-). Kind Regards
  10. If I look into the finances I see every month a payment for loyalty. Even when I do not sold a player. Do you have it either? Then I think is nog being paid when you sells the player?
  11. Hi all, Can someone explain me the premium for loyalty? Is it like money for sign like the other versions or doesn't take off the balance directly when signing a contract? Thanks all!
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