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  1. yes that would be great i would love to have stadium riots and teams having bans for their fans' racist chants
  2. FMRTE can. it can do tons more than the official RTE which is basically crap and a crime against humanity for even charging for it
  3. the match talks also gets stupid reactions, you are leading and you tell your players that they are doing well but to keep their concentration and some of them gets confused and demoralised. are they like stupid or something? how can you ge confused over the mangaer telling you to keep your concentration
  4. why does SI always do this? take one step forward and another step back? why can't they improve stuff and not take away stuff? i have to depend on the game itself to determine whether or not my players switch positions and it is not a tactical decision that me as a manager can decide anymore?
  5. there is only the option for wide players to switch but i want my forward to switch with my AMC and my MCs to switch. is there no way to do that now? what about the option to waste time? i can't see it anywhere now
  6. why the hell can't we make the players obey the penalty takers list? it just pisses me off when some player on 2 goals takes a penalty to get a hat-trick (when he sucks at penalties) and misses it i just came off a match which i lost 2-3 because the idiot (on 2 goals) took and missed 2 penalties when my main penalty taker is still on the pitch
  7. i don't think it is a bug, it has been around since forever the country in question is Singapore and since it has a lot of people of different races, Chinese, Indians, Malays (muslims) and since i doubt they have a system where it differentiates between the different types of names. all the different types of names are switched around for newgens
  8. you can always just click the dialogue icon and it will always stay on screen
  9. Thanks, so other than removing players/non-players from the game you can't stop names from generating? i am just irritated by the game generating nonsensical names like have muslim names with chinese surnames or indian surnames with chinese names
  10. is there anyway to add in names/surnames or remove them from being generated in a certain country?
  11. i can see the players hidden attributes and they are high. and it is ridiculous that my freekick taker has a higher percentage of direct freekick to goals than my penalty taker's percentage of penalties to goals
  12. anyone having this problem? in all my games the highest rated penalty taker in my team always misses his penalties, his stats are high 17+ to 20 for Penalties, Finishing, Composure but he missed more than 60% of his penalties. i started a new game, changed the stats of a player to all 20s in those 3 areas and it is the same, he misses A LOT of penalties, shouldn't it be the opposite? shouldn't a player with 20 in penalty miss like 1 or 2 the whole season and not score 4 or 5 out of 10 penalties?
  13. he used to give me recommendations on which players deserve to get called up but recently that doesn't happend anymore. how do i make my national team assist manager recommend the players that deserve to be called up?
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