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  1. Unlockable ideas 1) unlock a legendary player like pele,maradona 2) unlock 5 star coach team 3) unlock 100% hardcore fan support this feature should have full attendance in every home game and away game 4) unlock ai stupidity this feature make the ai only play 1 formation like 4-4-2 throughtout the game and never changes ( this should make the game alot more easy for ppl who complain that fm is too hard) 5) unlock the youth fountain this feature might be very diffcult for sigames cause it remove the aging from the game. Players never get old I would also like to see audio commentary in football manager 2015
  2. 1) An editor that doesnt effect the leaderboards 2) Change the training system that allows player's to reach there potential faster then the full career mode. 3) Have assistant manager auto renewel player's contracts. 4) Would like to hire coaches (not sure why this wasnt in 2014) 5) Remove the requirement to unlock unlockable feature and replace them with manager points system. 6) Reduce the cost of buying fmc boost bank balance
  3. does the club have to be in the black in order to build a new stadium using the unlockable feature?
  4. i've brought the IGE just unhappy that leadboard points are froze, but i would love to see a editor for fmc.
  5. if ppl dont wanna use real money, you guys could always sell trading cards on steam to help alil bit
  6. i've unlockable new stadia but after i save my current game there no news about building a new stadium begin build at coventry city when i go back to downloads and see that new stadia still has the apply to game on so i click it again and same thing happens. Also leadboard points are frozen for me, i also notice that magic sponge and morale boost doesnt say it's a single uses purchase i thought it was like once unlock it stay unlock.
  7. Am managing coventry city fc a team in admin, thank you sigames for not putting otium entertainment group as owners but am sure they will be in the full verison. Am playing with zoom 1.25time in window mode, ui is alot better and the full finances detail is in ,feels alot faster then 2013 version am playing with 3 leagues. only had 1 crash which someone already reported on, match engine seem better. only thing miss is the store even duo i know it will be in the full version. Question will the store price be the same as fm 2013? playing with unlockable effect leaderboard points like fm 2013?
  8. I was setting to focus balance and attack set pieces it would auto change after few days to focus balance and defence positioning but when i hire a new assistant manager it stop and stay on to what i set it too. Over the moon that building a new stadium no longer allows chairman to take loans out but notice it take 2 season insteaded of 1 season to build it. 99p well spent only problem that on my mind is ground maintenance cost and attendance to keep it sort example, if average attendance is 20000 despite what league and rep the club is, will the new stadium cause instance 50000 average attendance or will the attendance be building up depending on the club rep, if it depending on club rep with 50000 newly build stadium surely the ground maintenance cost will cause the club to go red or am i wrong?, cause after all one of the biggest income to a club money health is high attendance. All player's interested wage demand fix, if they really really are interested in signing for a club they would accept £1 wage lol, all kidding aside thank you for fixing it.
  9. 1) i would like to hire coaches 2) custom data base 3) would like to see new unlockable feature to clear all debts 4) better finance detail, i would like to see when club debts would be clear by like in main game 5) if no sacking is apply to game, the competition green bar shouldnt go down or up but stable 6) no agent fee or remove it by unlockable
  10. lucas i would like to know why si felt that boost balance has to spent in the current save game and cant be carried in total to other save game what i mean is this for example if someone has 50million why doesnt that total stay 50million for other save games. i dont quite understand why si didnt allow this cause it means constant buying for users from steam store.
  11. question about unlockable, If a harddrive was to be reformatted would does unlockable need to be unlock again or does it work like dlc where they stay within steam account
  12. my wish would be to bring back to madeira as unlockable superstar note: unlock to madeira by signing a player worth £100million or purchase for £4.99
  13. i preorder from amazon.co.uk on 1st of oct and i got the code on 3rd oct.
  14. Am gonna be playing both full and fmc and looking forward to no sacking feature, suggestion to SI please make the return of Tó Madeira unlockable feature. dont really care about payment since half of the unlockable modes can be unlock without pay
  15. i order from amazon on 1st and got the code in 3rd, with amazon u gotta wait 24hrs before getting code according to them
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