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  1. The CWC bug is really a total game breaker. Imagine if the winner of the European Champions League was appearing incorrectly in CWC? Dare I say, it would never have actually been released or it would have been fixed instantly. imo SI must work to fix that issue fast. I have no idea how this + the very slow game speed made it to release without testing.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Seb Wassell said:

    You can select which DB you use at game setup. The only thing you're missing (other than transfers/attribute changes/etc.) is DB-related fixes.

    Thank you. So there's no potential conflict ? I want the 17.3 game changes but not the DB updates as I prefer playing my game as if it were genuinely July 2016.  Appreciate the response. 

  3. This is not from 17.3 but I'd really appreciate an answer, I posted this in the other feedback thread:


    I just completed my UEFA Pro licence, and all my managerial attributes increased except for defending, which went down by 1 point? Why is this? I pride my teams on being solid at the back, indeed this year we have by far the best defence record in the league despite having the second lowest wage budget.

    Is it because my manager was not assuming defensive training responsibilities? I cannot figure it out.

  4. Hi Claassen, congratulations on becoming a father. Just three things I wanted to mention:

    1) I've tested all your Latin American files to 2030 and they work great.

    2) For the sake of realism, and I know you've stated your reasons, but I can confirm that for Ecuador, Paraguay, and Venezuela, there is no prize money and it is incorporated into the TV money  in the game. You will also notice that Bolivian clubs end up with values of over £25M after a while which is too high, I'd look at reducing/removing prize money. 

    3) I would love to take over your South American files/Cyprus file if you would let me. Maybe between us here in this thread we can come up with a team that can continue Claassen's great work and keep his project active for years to come!

  5. 7 hours ago, claassen said:

    Friday and Saturday, I will release the 5 South American updates and I will release the final pack of 25 updates Europe + South America :)
    And yes, there will prize money.

    Thanks man, I can't wait or your South American updates. My save depends on them! I have the official prize money figures for Cyprus if you need it by the way. 

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