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  1. Fantastic! Thanks so much for clearing that up for me. Such a little thing, yet so irritating!
  2. This is going to seem like a bit of a stupid or pedantic question; however, on the team selection/tactics screen before a match I normally arrange the player list by those who have been picked first with those who haven't been underneath. By default, the players who aren't picked are in order of position (ie defenders, then midfielders, then forwards). My problem is that occasionally and seemingly at random the game stops doing this and jumbles them up in any old order. I know I can click on the position heading at the top to sort the entire list by position, but I just want the unpicked players arranged by position with the picked players remaining at the top. There is probably a really easy fix for this and I know it isn't a big deal, but if anyone can help me out with a solution I'd appreciate it.
  3. Tried the rich_barnes tactic and it has transformed everything. Was mid-table at start of November with Preston having been using Modern Warfare so made the switch. Lost first two games but stuck with it. Record with new tactic: Pl32 W20 D8 L4 (this included a 19 game unbeaten streak in the league) Finished as League 1 champions. Just started in championship and won first 2 games against Leicester and Wigan despite having no money and no significant signings. Thanks so much for sharing this!
  4. Link isn't working for me - any chance of uploading somewhere else?
  5. Pretty good start for me with this tactic: Won v Leeds A 7-0 Drew v Norwich A 1-1 Won v Chelsea H 8-3 Won v Olympiakos A 4-2 Won v Leicester A 4-2 I am with West Ham and finished 3rd last two seasons so have decent side though. This tactic seems to concede quite a lot and have a 'we'll score one more than you' type approach going on. Will keep going with it for now as a lot of my players are getting high ratings with it. I was just wondering though - in the original post it says one should rotate players except for the CBs and Strikers - why is this?
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