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  1. Same here Terrance, FM17 was the last stable version my machine could manage. I'm itching to play again but my laptop isn't good enough and I don't have the cash to invest in a new one. Stadia sounds ideal.
  2. I'm getting the same error also, just want the demo so that I can see that the game works on my old machine before paying for it.
  3. Kris Boyd for Blackpool on FM14 . Scored 16 goals for Kilmarnock in the SPL by the January transfer window, signed him for 600k and he couldn't hit a barn door in the Championship. I'm almost certain that his wee character in 3D mode started to get fatter and slower as the season wore on.
  4. FM12 - first time in the series that i'm not playing the latest game
  5. At this point I'd honestly pay £10-£15 for an official data update to FM12 they've screwed the new game up so badly. I believe over time they'll probably fix the match engine with patches but the GUI is unberable for me, it's just a mess.
  6. The GUI is a mess, cluttered and completely unintuitive. The grey background behind the names on the squad selection screen is hideous, the whole thing honestly looks like it's been made by a small indie game company.
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