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  1. Guys, how are your strikers performing in the beta? I am still struggling to score goals with them, They miss CCC almost every time, and if they score its usually offside. No matter what is my tactic, with 1 or 2 strikers they always miss. My team at the moments is the best in the league and I have the best goals scored stats in the league but not with my strikers.
  2. My first choice striker just scored after 18 games goal drought in the meantime missing like 30+ CCC in this period.
  3. Here is the situation. I have a throw in, my player throw the ball long and the ball is rolling into the net, but it gives goalkick. Goal line technology shows clearly that it is a goal, but it is still a goalkick. 47:47 in the pkm Cherno More Varna v Celtic.pkm
  4. I have VAR in the league, but didnt give that as a offside? 3rd goal 85:21 Cherno More Varna v Ludogorets Razgrad.pkm
  5. 14 CCC in that game and only 2 goals scored. I dont know if it is my tacitc or the ME, but after the last update almost every game i play both teams have 10+ CCC combined.
  6. 06:52 - How is possible to miss that? 20:35 - One on one with the keeper, shoots wide. 26:40 - Pepe misses twice hits the post twice. Second chance is on empty goal but cant hit it. 42:11 - Chance for the AI, 1 on 1 with the keeper, goes byline shoots wide. 85:03 - Good chance, shoots wide. 86:11 - AI full back goes byline and shoots from weird angle. Finishing is awful in currennt ME. There are more examples in this pkm where full backs just shoot and dont pass the ball but it is for another thread. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Arsenal.pkm
  7. Is there a tactic that make the strikers actually score goals? I am struggling to score with my strikers altough my team scores decent amount of goals.
  8. Can someone post some screenshots of them?
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