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  1. Yes I have one just before accepting their offer. For download just press the green button saying Изтегли. https://dox.abv.bg/download?id=aa1418396e Anyway I just won the Serie B, so wont be sacked haha.
  2. So I am managing Udinese in Italy and with Watford we have an agreement that allow us to transfer players between the clubs for free. They got relegated so I tried to take few of their players for free, but when I did bid for them, other clubs did the same too and every bid of 0€ from every club got accepted. Isn`t that a bug? They should not leave their players go for 0€ You can see the players I go for went for free to other clubs.
  3. So I got the job at Udinese in november 2022 and they are 19th in Serie B. In the club vision for the 5 year plan the board wants me to finish mid-table this season, but want top half finish in SERIA A next season? I think thats impossible.
  4. here it is 1877615257_!!!FM20.4.1FIREWATERKnapVOL24132P102.fmf
  5. In 3 years I only got 1 really good prospect from the academy that can be one of the worlds best accordin to my coaches. Overrall pretty low rated players coming out from the youths. I am also still with BFG as my HOYD.
  6. Guys is there any lone striker tactic, where the striker actually scores goals?
  7. I noticed that when I play with 2 strikers they score a lot more and are a lot more clinical. When I use lone striker up top, they just can`t finish the chances they get. Even in the end of the season statistics prove my point. For example first season I was playing the whole season 442 and my strikers got 35 and 21 goals in the league. Second season I mostly played with 1 striker and he got 20 goals in the league. Around the Europe teams that play 442 are scoring a lot more. Mbappe and Icardi had 30 and 28 league goals playing 442. Ronaldo had 33 goals playing in a 442. For example Messi had 15, Haaland 17, Lewandowsi 18, Kane 20, all of them playing alone up top.
  8. I want to use 4231 or 41221, but my strikers never perform in a system with 1 up top. Only when I am using 2 strikers they seem to score more.
  9. Any changes to player attributes after the winter update?
  10. Guys, how are your strikers performing in the beta? I am still struggling to score goals with them, They miss CCC almost every time, and if they score its usually offside. No matter what is my tactic, with 1 or 2 strikers they always miss. My team at the moments is the best in the league and I have the best goals scored stats in the league but not with my strikers.
  11. My first choice striker just scored after 18 games goal drought in the meantime missing like 30+ CCC in this period.
  12. Here is the situation. I have a throw in, my player throw the ball long and the ball is rolling into the net, but it gives goalkick. Goal line technology shows clearly that it is a goal, but it is still a goalkick. 47:47 in the pkm Cherno More Varna v Celtic.pkm
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