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  1. Does anyone know if there is a Arsenal 03-04 Invincibles team database for FM21?
  2. I tried that, but its going really slow
  3. No one wants to share his save game?
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a save game 5+ years in to the future on the latest database so I can look how some of the players are developed.
  5. Hi, never used the in-game editor before. I am second season in spanish league and I want to change the subs from 7 to 12 and the allowed changes from 3 to 5. Is it possible?
  6. Hey, when we play with my mate and my match is finished but his still goes on there is a window that doesnt disappear till his game is finished yet. I am Villa and he is Newcastle, as you can see my game is finished and his is stil going but I only can see this
  7. Martinelli is very underrated too. Former Arsenal youth Yunus Musah is impressive at 17 yo.
  8. In 3 years I only got 1 really good prospect from the academy that can be one of the worlds best accordin to my coaches. Overrall pretty low rated players coming out from the youths. I am also still with BFG as my HOYD.
  9. I want to use 4231 or 41221, but my strikers never perform in a system with 1 up top. Only when I am using 2 strikers they seem to score more.
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