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  1. I started new game one hour after the deadline day haha Trying to play 4-3-3 with 3 central midfielders. No transfers IN, sold El neny and Monreal, listed Mikhi and Mustafi but couldnt sell them in the summer.
  2. This game drives me mad sometimes. Five times hit the bar and another 5 CCC and still cant beat them
  3. Can I see how Okafor looks like, cuz i dont have him loaded in my game.
  4. You're welcome mate. The goalkeeper looks good and he played like 30 games in the last six seasons, so he can be even better playing on a regular basis. Arp maybe had lower PA on my game and didnt become world class.
  5. There is no way to buy them that cheap in the first season. Also they wont sign a contract.
  6. How is Kun Temenuzhkov developing in your games?
  7. Same here. First season great attack and solid defence, won the league, FA cup and EL. Second season no major changes to the team and tactic, but struggling to score goals and my defence is terrible, sitting 11th after 10 games.
  8. I never buy players with determination less than 15, or if i buy one he has to be young so can be tutored by a player with high determination. Also i look ot the Natural Fitness.
  9. Hey guys, can someone upload the "IL DEVASTO IS BACK" tactic because the links are dead.
  10. Just started a game with Arsenal and i need ball wining midfielder. I am between Wanyama, Sven Bender and William Carvalho. They all cost around 20-22 mln. euros, but i cant decide which one to choose. Any opinions?
  11. Great tactic man. The best i have used after the last patch.
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