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  1. I’d perhaps like SI to focus more on getting back the degree of playability that they’ve lost over time. Football Manager 2006’s a great game but it’s lost the pick up and play factor of its predecessors and one of the reasons why you’ve always had the market’s best managerial simulation is that you weren’t too realistic, don’t get me wrong here, realism is good but such features as not including a 3D match engine made the game original and inventive. I now feel there’s a growing sense of realism and can’t say I agree much with the half time talk feature etc. etc. The problem here is that there is now space in the market for a game of a similar nature to CM’s of yesteryear and sooner or later, it’s going to pop up, I personally think SI should try and concentrate on slimming down the game so that once more, you can play through seasons in mere days rather than weeks. On another note, would be nice to see you going further down the league structures, especially with England.
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