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  1. I've found the solution, I hadn't picked a full team.
  2. I started a save when the game was first released and on the tactics screen it showed you where your team was leaving space on the pitch etc. I've just started another save and on my tactics screen I can't see that anywhere at all? It's just the formation and players positions etc?
  3. I have a vote currently going on twitter for who is your favourite cult CM/FM striker, which might interest some of you.
  4. Do you have to add/stats? Or would they just get assigned randomly if you didn'
  5. Using the editor? For example Cherno Samba is still only 31, will he still be in the database? And can you make him playable?
  6. Nah seems you had to manage the under 21s also.
  7. Is there a way to manage England but not have to manage the under 21s also?
  8. I know but you will be able to play as them when Classen does his database.
  9. Just signed for local side Washington FC. Will he be on the game or is it too late?
  10. What stuff is available to get aside from the games? T shirts etc.
  11. Does anyone know when the official release date of this game was?
  12. You need to delete a certain Windows update to run it. Mine works
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