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  1. I know but you will be able to play as them when Classen does his database.
  2. Just signed for local side Washington FC. Will he be on the game or is it too late?
  3. I'm after exactly the same as you mate except I only play in 2D,
  4. Looking at subscribing to some FM YouTube channels, anyone got any recommendations?
  5. no preference with those mate, apart from screen size large as possible (but doesn't have to be)
  6. I'm lopking to buy a laptop at the end of the year, i'm going to spend roughly around 800-1000 on one. these are the main things im going to need 1. I want it to last me for a good few years (6-7) 2. I want it to be fast (i hate waiting for applications to load and for it to start up) 3. I only really play football manager so i want it to be able to run football manager and a very good speed, i also want it to be still be able to run football manager at a good speed in 4-5 years time. 4. largest screen possible i currently don't play FM in 3d but if they develop the game to a better st
  7. very impressive achievements, well done
  8. hi people I'm looking to buy a laptop with windows 98 so i can play some of the old champ mans, i know i can play it on newer machines but it's far to much messing about, could anyone recommend me anything?
  9. do teams have the correct players? looking at playing as bishop auckland
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