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  1. It's definitely a big UX jump, which I appreciate is never particularly easy to implement without frustrating people. As you say there is a link to Scouted Players which I missed because it's outside of the darker panel. I've been so use to scouting reports coming straight into the inbox (which I now really miss) that I assumed I'd have to either filter or just discarding things to get to what I requested. See now for me this should be the screen I get when I go straight into the scouting centre, rather than the meeting one. All the info at a glance. I now quickly can see what tho
  2. And that's great, but the main screen should really be a summary, and then drill down if you need to. It shouldn't be whatever happens to be at the top of a perhaps 20+ list of all sorts of things. I just don't understand the reasoning for why it is the way it is. I've made systems for actual scouts and I can't imagine something like that would go down well.
  3. Had a few days with it and here is my general opinion. Pros Really like the player dynamics system, I'm sure a lot of it was already somewhat modeled but being able to easily see what is happening with regards to player relations is great. Analysis when creating a tactic is much better, provides quick tips on what is not going to work even if at first glance your tactic seems OK. Really great improvement. Cons The scouting panel is... well I really dislike it. I've made software for football clubs, specifically for scouting. If I had created that interface for
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