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  1. It's definitely a big UX jump, which I appreciate is never particularly easy to implement without frustrating people. As you say there is a link to Scouted Players which I missed because it's outside of the darker panel. I've been so use to scouting reports coming straight into the inbox (which I now really miss) that I assumed I'd have to either filter or just discarding things to get to what I requested. See now for me this should be the screen I get when I go straight into the scouting centre, rather than the meeting one. All the info at a glance. I now quickly can see what those buttons are for and they make much more sense to me, reminds me of the Scout7 ones. Could it be an option a bit like the Profile / Attributes one for players? It was originally default as I hadn't started to mess around with the system, which I assumed wouldn't return you ones way outside your budget. Does that need to be set, because it seems like it should be the other way around if so. Thanks for getting back to me btw.
  2. And that's great, but the main screen should really be a summary, and then drill down if you need to. It shouldn't be whatever happens to be at the top of a perhaps 20+ list of all sorts of things. I just don't understand the reasoning for why it is the way it is. I've made systems for actual scouts and I can't imagine something like that would go down well.
  3. Had a few days with it and here is my general opinion. Pros Really like the player dynamics system, I'm sure a lot of it was already somewhat modeled but being able to easily see what is happening with regards to player relations is great. Analysis when creating a tactic is much better, provides quick tips on what is not going to work even if at first glance your tactic seems OK. Really great improvement. Cons The scouting panel is... well I really dislike it. I've made software for football clubs, specifically for scouting. If I had created that interface for them, they'd have hated it. I have to go through, one at a time, players that I don't really care about before getting to players I've actually requested to scout. Some of the buttons are unclear (acknowledge vs. reject). What was once quite simple, has become unclear. Why not have that page not as a default, but have a more traditional list view giving you recommendations at a glance instead of the screen where you have to go through 10 notifications? Related, scouts seem to pay almost no real attention to the constraints the club is under. I had a go as Ipswich and got very frustrated at getting players recommended that costed £5mil+ when that is 25 times your budget. Whilst I can see the thought of "maybe this would be useful later for you" you should be able to filter these out if you know you're not going to be able to afford someone like that for a while. Will probably update this when I think of more.
  4. Read the error message Instead of: mount x:d:\program files\cm9900 Try: MOUNT X D:\Program Files\cm9900
  5. If you need some help for Ipswich, let me know. We had Sir Alf Ramsey in 1960-61, the year before we stormed the league for our only league title.
  6. I don't think that is very fair. I think "shouts" used pre-match should be renamed something else, or built in as a more options as part of the TC. At the moment you have a negative, neutral and positive (ish) choice for a limited number of options. It would be nice if this was expanded to include some of the shout ideas such as more dribbling, even shorter passing, more through balls etc.
  7. This will work great with my Ajax side, barely has any decent STs but loads and loads of AMCs. Will report back on how it goes.
  8. And Keepers at the bottom are frankly atrocious. The easiest of balls just get palmed into oncoming strikers. Seems like the jump between attribute levels might be a bit high.
  9. Thanks again, and for your other reply! Btw, think the club reputation speed should stay as it is, but manager reputation should be slightly sped up. Managers are getting plucked from the lower leagues quite often, with varying degrees of success, assuming they've had one or two good seasons. Usually very sought after.
  10. One more quick thing, how the hell do you find a reserve team manager? Cannot seem to get anyone who wants to do the blasted role.
  11. Thank you, thought it was possibly reputation based but thought it was a bit weird considering respective league positions (about 35 games in now and I'm top by about 10 points). Would have thought my own stock would have risen slightly quicker though, better not upset the board by applying for any jobs any time soon!
  12. Quick one, managing Mansfield at the moment, currently two promotions on the bounce and well on course for my third as division winner (somehow!). I got approached today by a club a league below me (League 2, England) by a club with less resources who are ambling in mid table: http://i.imgur.com/CgUen.png Is that a bug or is it reputation related? I don't think it's very realistic personally. If it's a bug, I'll happily report in the bug forum.
  13. Anyone else seeing wingers cut inside (not inside forwards) and then just kind of run up to the post and smack it against the keeper instead of crossing it?
  14. Fellow Ipswich fan here, will give this a go with them and let you know how I do!
  15. Fellow Ipswich fan or just using the team? I've not tried it out with them as I don't want to fail incredibly with them just yet!
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