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  1. Yeah I suspect the AP role ends up being more of a chance creator, but not the provider of the final pass. Have you considered just playing him in a non playmaker role, also changing the DLP, that way play ins't funneled through them. I would imagine given his attributes etc Ozil would still find himself heavily involved in attacking play, but potentially with a bit more freedom?
  2. Nice season there mate. Interesting tactic, I thought you might have been a bit more leaky but it worked well. I too play with a poacher in Auba and he has done extremely well. How did you find Ramsey and Ozil played?
  3. I have no idea why he is considered a saint. Dude looks like one of those henchman/lacky types from Lock Stock etc
  4. So been slowly chugging along with an Arsenal save trying out the poacher. This will likely be my long term save, hence going a bit slow investing time in most aspects of the game. The plan was to have Auba as a poacher and Lacazette as a DLFs/CFs. Performance wise, from a long term save it has been a huge success. My first proper attempt at a 4-4-2 and we are quite simply rolling. However, on the tactical challenge front, it is far more touch and go right now. Both strikers have simply been brilliant! Its neck and neck half way through the first season between the two forwards. The total tactic off the top of my head is: GK WBR-CD-CD-FBL DMS-VOLa WPs---------Wa CFs-Pa Standard/Flexible with a pressing setup. Occasionally tweak the tempo and passing length depending on how well we are using the ball. Will have a more detailed update when I am at home and the season has progressed some more.
  5. This looks like a bit of fun to get me stuck into FM18. Just recently fired up a save with Arsenal and had created a 4-4-2 (ish) with a CF, no reason I can't change some things round to get a Poacher in it.
  6. It would make sense that if these attributes can drop, they can also go up from different interactions? (Tutoring aside)
  7. Haven't been posting (or really reading) in sometime. But saw this and got caught up in it. Great thread. Making me get the itch again. Going to read the other two now!
  8. Can I please be filled in on this Senegal saga.
  9. 4 months ago I believed...... how naive
  10. While I'm a fan of Welbeck too, hardly fair to compare when their teams are setup completely differently. That said, Welbeck played great today, especially that first half! Goal was succulent!
  11. Usually defend the guy, but can't help but agree. What he and the team have become since Xmas is disgusting. It's not just the results, but the rubbish way we go about it.
  12. @ arsenalthebest some nice buys and a good start to the season. Is this on fm15? And what skin? @kinglara, great month! What formation are you playing? @spike, things looking good so far in your current season. Is this your 433? Beastly midfield you have!
  13. Was thinking of putting it all to staff wages, but his I could get a player or two!
  14. I've been playing througha new save rather slowly. First transfer window turned off. Approaching the end of November, board has given me £159!
  15. Yeah surely we should wait till the end of the season?
  16. Wow, impressive. I take it this is as a lone striker? What role was he and overall shape did you have the team playing? Well done.
  17. We have been bad, but what the hell is the Ref doing?
  18. Better buy now scruge you stingy old prune. Love ya though.
  19. Huge win. Very nerve racking ending. That Walcott goal has me laughing and whooping like a maniac.
  20. Ah right, thanks, thought so, but couldn't remember if the top of my head. So the f9 coming deep you really would be wanting an attack duty on the wrong to make the most of that space. I'm not that familiar with the ramdeuter role but it aggressively hunts space doesn't it? (Sorry don't have the game on hand, but feeling much more up for tactical discussion than reconciling a budget!) So that could work quite well with a f9 dropping extremely deep. Might have to try that out in an upcoming save.
  21. Just to clarify, by 50% do you mean 50% of the slider or at the 50% notch which from memory is all the way left? I would say go with Ozil as striker if you continue. Got all the right attributes for a world class f9. Worked really well for me in the past. Just wondering if some of his ppms could be a bit off. Doesn't he have comes deep, which with the nature of the f9 already doing that could that be overkill?
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