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  1. What do you mean by this ? Put him on a defensive duty ? Or completely change his role ? What role is more conservative than a CM ? So what you are saying is. If I play more direct passing , trying to get the ball forward quicker It should work with having a FB on support and that I remove the overlap instructions? The reason for this was in my head we as a team would be more compact out of possession, so we are less open for teams to play through us . However by having a control mentality I though this would not make us defensive because I thought we would play with
  2. What if I swap the two centre mids around and had the defensive cm on the right side , helping cover the attacking full back ? or would you just switch the FB to a support duty ? Or just remove the overlap instruction ? The reason for the LOE is I want to suck the team in with my two banks of 4 and try and hit them on the break. would that work ?
  3. Ive Started a new save with Norwich city. For a while now i want to try out a system that uses two inverted wingers cutting in from both flanks when we are in possession of the ball. But without we revert back to two banks of four and be hard to breakdown. I always wanted to try out a tactic that i can use two forwards up top. I always play tactics with one forward and 2 or 3 players supporting him. In Fm21 though, Im struggling to get the best out of a lone forward, so i wanted to try out a 4-4-2 but with a difference. In my Norwich save my better players are wide Midfielders (Cantw
  4. Really good Read that was engamohd !! quick question. Do you use any OI ?? and also could you post what PI you give your players in your 4411 system ? Also. How long did it take your team to get use to the way you now play ? I trying it out with my newcastle side, but 4 games in and we have lost every game quite comfortably. i've tweaked the instructions but to no luck. any help would be great. this is how i'm setting up.
  5. So do you think move the LOE down to lower aswell ? We have many attacking players up top and on wings that are quick too. Do you think a “pass into space” option will work with this tactic ?? Also against the top teams how would you set up against them ? Try to be compact defensively? Push them outside?
  6. Is this just me then ? All I ask is because I want to know if this is a bug ??
  7. Hi. First of all , I’m sorry if I’ve put this in the wrong section. I just felt this was the best place to bring up my issue. Is it just me or are most games having an INSANE amount of corners. I was playing my old save with Chelsea and I was get on average 15/20 corners a game for my team. Which I though was far too many (especially when I’m not even trying to play for set pieces !!) but after speaking to a Mod on here he said it’s just because I’m a top team and attacking a lot that the opponents are defending deeper and happy to concede corners. So I thought nothing more of it. My m
  8. So, this is what is have put together to start off with, I want to play the 4-2-3-1 in most games if i can. i want to get the best out of my new AMC, but my first question is, Would you reccommed me having a more defensive formation setup aswell for when i come up against better teams away from home ie, Liverpool & Man Utd ? I want my team to play decent football without getting to tika taka where we just lose possession all the time, my front 3/4 are pretty quick so i would like to utilise that. Next question is , My Forward Wilson is suited to playing the Complete forward role, and
  9. Hi . Me again. I’ve had a change of heart, I have won the Prem and euro cup last season . But I want more of a challenge. So I really want a go at trying to improve Newcastle United !! would you recommend me doing a similar formation for them or do you think a system that contains a DMC. Is better ?? obviously Newcastle don’t have the players Chelsea do, and may want to have a lower mentality with a lower defence line. But I think similar roles could suit the players I have at my disposal. do u agree ? Any help you could offer would be massively appreciated 👍
  10. Ok that’s great , I’ll give that a try. Regarding the CWB on the left. The only reason I changed that was because the player I play there (mendes) became unhappy that he wasn’t playing in the CWB role and was threatening to leave and his morale nosedived . So I played him in his preferred role, to be honest he has been one of my best players this year. The reason I changed to BWM . I noticed my MC (def) wasn’t closing down and getting tackles in enough in a few games so that why I changed it but I do sometime revert back to a mc(def) a lot of the time. ( mainly in games at home against weak op
  11. Hi. Just need some more tactic advice. Doing ok overall , despite being knocked out of the league cup by Burnley on penalties, without them even having a shot on at all in the 90mins. what tweaks would you suggest I do to try and kill games off. At the start of the season I was blowing teams away 4/5 nil. But now think teams are figuring out how I play. I’m winning games still but only by the odd goal or a goalless draw, but dominate most games. I sometimes have tweaked the tempo and pressing intensity for the last 15 mins if I want a goal but it doesn’t seem to help . is there
  12. Yeah smart advice. I bought my new players early in the transfer window and played a lot of friendly so the players are fluid with our system before season started. I’m 12 games in the season and 1st with 5 points clear so everything is working so far . Thanks again mate 👍
  13. Thanks so much for your help. I’ve started season now, and started in really good form. I have made a lot of changes to the team in summer tho and buying new players in (likes of Haaland& Fati) which should help our chances, but we are now looking more potent up front and fluid around the PF thus giving us options
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