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  1. To start off, I would swap the midfield roles. At least, put a defend duty role on the left to cover for the attacking WB. I would also look into changing Pogba to a BBM on the right. The less attacking RB will cover for him. the most common issue with a 4-5-1 is that it’s a top heavy formation, which means you have a lot of bodies in front of the ball. I would change the AM and W to support and keep the AF. This way their starting position is a little deeper, which will help with the movement. Especially, because you also play on a pretty aggressive mentality. Changing the rol
  2. I dont think you're far far away from having a great tactic, but think you are a bit too cautious about your role selection. With both a DM(D) and DLP (S) in midfield, your midfield feels kinda static. Doesn't mean they are not the right choice, but the runners then should come from somewhere else. This brings me to the fullbacks on support, who will only occasionally join the attack. Looking back at Pep's Barcelona, his fullbacks were way more attacking, while the midfield hold on to the ball. Taking in mind that your right IF is on attack, i would change your right fullback to a
  3. I can spot three potential issues looking at the roles. currently, you have a lot of runners but few players who create. Your IF will look to score, your BBM (S) and CM (A) are also players who make runs from deep. I can only see the winger create something for your striker. Your striker, with the complete forward role, will be a jack of all trades. If you want him to be your main scoring outlet, you could look at a player who will be in the box more often and leave the creating part to other players. With roaming activated he will be all over the place, hence why your winger doesn’
  4. My bad, I forgot to translate that from Dutch to English. Should be: DM (S) and amended this as well. Thanks for pointing this out.
  5. Have you thought of playing with 2 DM's and 1 CM? Something like this: F9 (S) AP (S) IF (S) CM (A) RPM (S) - DM (S) FB (A) - CD (D) - CD (D) - FB (S) I think De Jong is known for his dribbling and caring the ball forward from defence. In the TIFO video, I saw that Tadic (when playing on the left) likes to play narrower and drops deeper to create space for the left FB. I think that Ziyech is more of a goal-threat (he tries to shoot more),
  6. To me, mentality will influence the direction of passing (and overall risk taking). Tempo will influence how much time a player has on the ball before he needs to make a decision. i believe therefore, that on a lower mentality, your players will take longer to take up their offensive positions. Your team overall takes less risk. Lowering tempo will give your players a bit more time, but still encourage them to move forward more often (on a higher mentality)
  7. I’ve had succes with an AF in a tactic like this, but I set up the roles a bit different. I used a DLP(d) on the left and a BBM(s) on the right. The attacking midfielder was a simple AM(s). As this is a top heavy formation, I also gave the winger on the right a support duty and changed the left-back to FB(a). youre Man Utd so teams will sit back more, therefore the space will be in front of the opponents defense. Your tactic will benefit from roles/duties that will start lower on the field.
  8. You use two playmakers on the flanks, but have no runners that support them. Your two cms are holding, TM is dropping deeper, and your fullbacks are generally coming from pretty deep. Who are they going to play their passes to? Who are going to score for you? next to that, I believe that your midfield will be way too crowded. APs cutting inside, TM dropping deeper, and your AM + MCs are there as well. Try to visualize how you are going to keep possession and create chances through different ways of attacking
  9. Currently, your team has been divided up in two parts with your role/duty selection. Youre man united, which means that almost every team will sit back, therefore space to attack will be in front of defense. Not behind it. By swapping your two cm’s and changing the duty of your winger to support, you’ll create a lot more movement already. Next to that, most of your in possessions TI’s hinder your attacking game. I would possibly only keep play out of defense, but with your DLP in DM this TI could be left out as well.
  10. In your 4-2-3-1, what roles did you use for the AMC and the backs?
  11. @DizzyNewHeights A control strategy already has increased closing down and higher defensive line, team instructions to further increase this. This means the whole team will have closing down almost maximum anyways, so the hard-coded PI ''close down more'' probably won't have as much affect anyways. Just as the PI ''close down less'' won't have as much of an affect either. Very simple example; control has your team closing down at 7 out of 10. This is increased by team instructions to 8, but later decreased to 7 with the PI. Will he close down less? Yes, but 7 is still a high number so he
  12. Certain roles have the PI ''hold position'' active, but what happens to these roles when you use the TI ''Roam from Position''?
  13. It was more if you could advise if i'm allowed to use the screens!
  14. @guidwyer @herne79 What screens do you want exactly? Plus, they're not mine so not sure I'm allowed to use them...
  15. @etcetera @guidwyer I know Cleon has taken the site down for now at least. Not sure if it will get back up... Is there anything I can help you with as I can still see the images as of today
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