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  1. In your 4-2-3-1, what roles did you use for the AMC and the backs?
  2. Something I would look at is using very-fluid and flexible in combination with a lot of support duties. Very fluid means that your players are allowed to deviate from your given instruction, basically all the time. So lots of creative freedom to do whatever. Next to that, it influences vertical spaces. In the case of very fluid, it will bring players closer together because it the mentality of all your players are similar, in your case flexible. In combination with the support duties in midfield and and wing-backs, your players probably do not take enough risk. In other words, they do not make enough runs to penetrate your opponents defense and support your attack. Besides that, you are using three defenders which would mean that you could be a bit more adventurous with the other roles. Especially the Wing-backs are important as they create width in your tactic and without them they make your attack a bit one-dimensional.
  3. I would probably go for something like this in midfield: CM (A) - CM (D) - DLP (S) Also, changing the right back to FB (A) to create a bit more overlap and crosses from him could work.
  4. It's hard to give an answer, because the provided information is limited. My guess would be that by using two support duties in central midfield, you're over crowding the available space in oppositions part of the field. This probably leads to the AM not having enough space to move in and therefore under-performing. But then again, not enough information provided to give a good answer.
  5. I'm not sure if I read it correctly, but is this how you set up? CS (A) IF (S) AP (S) CM (A) - RPM (S) DM (D) FB (S) - CD (D) - CD (D) - FB (A)
  6. As you're playing with a defensive mid and two no too adventurous backs, why don't try a role that is a bit more aggressive for Neves? With the DLP role, he won't move forward too much to support the attacks. I would try an advanced playmaker (support) that doesn't have the PI hold position activated so he will move up field a bit more plus he will try more killer passes. As both the Striker, inside forward and central midfield will make runs often, this could lead to a bunch of assists.
  7. Unless you give people some more information about what you tried? What team you are? What kind of tactic you're trying to create? No one will be able to tell you anything with the information given.
  8. I see everyone here using the stars to predict how good someone will become. Besides, that these stars are based on the other players in your team, don't you think that attributes are more important? Of course, the stars will tell you if there is room to grow, but do you think a three star with the right attributes for the role can outperform a four star? So lets say, an 18 year old with decent attributes to be an advanced forward in your tactic but only with three star potential. Do you let him go because you have a different striker with four star potential but maybe with attributes that are less suitable for the role?
  9. I feel like the main problem would be the disconnect between midfield and attack. All your midfield players need to come from deep to support your striker, who is higher up field due to his attacking duty. Can't find anywhere how exactly you want to play either? Everything is connected so without all the information it will be hard to help.
  10. In the 4-1-2-2-1 tactic I'm sure he will get his chances, if not, have a look at the striker. He will be very important to create space and a DF (D) isn't a very mobile role. Maybe a DLF (S) or a F9 (S)? In the 4-2-3-1 tactic, I'm a bit unsure of what you want to create here? Do you want your striker to drop deep while you have three players behind him already for example?
  11. I would probably play him as the CM (A) and the AM (A) in your tactics. Customize these roles maybe so they will be more of a creative dribbler instead of a real goal-scorer. He isn't bad at scoring goals but not world-class either. Running from deep with the ball, with his speed and dribbling skills he will be almost unstoppable!
  12. If I'm not mistaken, defensive line is more an invisible line that tells the players when they have to start closing down. So when you play with a very high defensive line they will start to press earlier than when you play with a low one. Eventually, when your team isn't able to get the back quickly, they will retreat back into their defensive position. This is the formation that is in your tactic screen.
  13. You could try changing team shape! I'm using the same formation, same central midfield, only differences are a winger on support, attacking midfielder on support, and an attacking fullback behind the inside forward. Have no problems in defense. Of course, it also depends on the players you have at your disposal. You need fast players with a high defensive line. My attacking midfielder will probably help out in defence a bit more and I'm using a structured team-shape which makes my defensive players less attacking. Overall, your team will less inclined to deviate from given instructions and play a simpler game. Now, you're using Fluid - lots of creative freedom - with the instructions to be more expressive. Players are basically allowed to do whatever they want on the field.
  14. Well, I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish really? What kind of style are you trying to play? Who do you want to score? How did your TM do past season? Why did you go for the selected Team-instructions? What's the reasoning behind it?
  15. @Bunkerossian Using a Targetman will make your other players hit long balls to him. So instead of your wingers getting the ball and do their thing, he will receive the ball and will only have the other striker to kick the ball to. My guess... Try changing him to a DLF, a very similar role but without the hard-coded long balls. P (A) - DLF (A) W (S) - BBM (S) - DLP (D) - W (S) FB (S) - CD (D) - CD (D) - FB (S) Assuming you have two good wingers, who can beat a man and put in a cross, you want multiple bodies in the box. Otherwise, it will be too easy to mark them. The BBM (S) will make runs as well and I'm sure the W's will make an occasional appearance in the box as well. Just my guess...
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