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  1. i put it up yesterday for u on here but i find changing it silghty depending on who playing looking at were other team are weak to exploit works well
  2. i was unbeaten in league till about january when lost at city found my team did amazing in prem not so well other comps but
  3. just finshed my 1st season won league quite easily but did poor in all cup comps went out earlier to west brom in league cup got put out by wolves in fa and finshed 3rd in champions league then went out to porto in europa
  4. gerrard in dm postion seems to go well for me gets alot more time on ball to pick the passes
  5. if playing a team who look like are sitting back i put the amc to a striker and play with two up top seems to be working for me countino on left as been brillant for me
  6. think i have upload it here is link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_RH2qeBN07Ub002eFdvRVJ2dG8/view?usp=sharing
  7. a put mine up if u tell me how to upload it lol am unbeaten in league so far with it
  8. a have started quite good with liverpool 19 games in league won 15 drawn 4 scoring 50 goals conceding 19 goals got a 13 point lead at the top playing 4-2-3-1 swittiching to 4-2-2-2 some games transfers in doumbia 6.5m transfers out borini 9m lucas 11.5m johnson 9m joe allen 15m enrique 5m gutted tho my laptop goes away to get fix today so not going be able continue this season for week or two after today
  9. free bet on game tonight through stan james on this link if anyone not got it yet http://www.stanjames.com/UK/541/promo
  10. cant really say i have clue about cost rica greece game to be honest going put few quid on scorecast sturggling for something to jump out at me so someone want give me a scorecast a just go with it see if can win that way haha
  11. that game coundt of went any bettter for me had £5 on 2-0 £30 on columbia £10 on columbia -1 and £10 on james anytime from pp messanger app
  12. a did fred in play and for some reason hills have refunded it any one think of any reason a cant think of ?
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