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  1. Remember, it's "lnc" (LNC) not "inc" (INC). Did you create a new file and name it "inc" by chance?
  2. Yeah, should do. Haven't tested it with FM13 but it always worked in earlier editions, so I think it's safe to assume that the same goes for this year's game.
  3. Yeah. This is a nice project and I'll certainly play it (sorry, won't be able to test it though). This is not political and that you interpret this thread as a political comment shows that your English is severely lacking. As Aleynasdad said, I could create the nation of Zuxlusacsjaborg and make it a member of FIFA and UEFA. That'd not make it political.
  4. Yeah, something is weird with the latest updates indeed. No new players show up in the editor and the "Changes" section (or whatever it's titled in English) is blank. How can I load the database file (not the league rules file) in the editor?
  5. I can't even load the database file with the editor.
  6. Wait, is something wrong with the 27/12 update? All J. League players appears to be removed.
  7. Will you make a version with the correct league structure of 2012 in the future? Btw, are you aware that Tojitsu Shiga in Kansai Div. 1 just renamed themselves Lagend Shiga FC (no typo)?
  8. I disagree with the complaints. The MLS is my favourite league, with all these fun drafting stuff and such things. Try it I say and decide yourself!