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  1. Looks a bit average to me. Same as all the other rubbish ones that have come and go, big long paragraph of promise that never showed anything in reality.
  2. Game won't even start when I click play on Steam. What a joke.
  3. My game won't start & it isn't even downloading the patch. This is ridiculous.
  4. Mac/Win and Steam ?

    Keep playing it on Windows, the game is terrible on OSX. Laziness at the highest level from SI.
  5. Sacked but doing ok???

    My friend was 3 points off top place with West Ham in the Championship and he got the sack. Pretty unfair.
  6. [MAC] Run FM12 windowed 1280x800

    Thanks guys, this fix is going to make a huge difference to me
  7. [MAC] Run FM12 windowed 1280x800

    What exactly does this do? I am on a 13" Macbook Pro and Windowed mode always seems a bit off to me, doesn't fit in the screen fully
  8. People say it won't happen because of internet connection but look what Apple did this year. They released their latest Operating System as a digital download only.
  9. FM 2012 - Download - shopto.net

    Could have got it on Amazon for £24.99
  10. I certainly hope not.. However, with SI now taking the Steam-Only activation route, it surely can't be too long before they scrap the boxed version and make it a compulsory digital download across the board? Reasons for: Saves quite a lot of money on production for SEGA. Saves time for the SI/SEGA on producing boxed versions, generating activation codes & designing box art. Reasons against: Steam charge almost double the amount to download the game directly as it is in comparison to buying the game from Amazon/Zavvi in Ireland. (Not sure about the pricing in the UK) Downloading the full-game will be impossible for those on limited bandwidth allowances/ no internet connection. Massive hit to those who have been collecting the boxed editions of the game for years and will no longer be able to add to that collection. Will it happen? I hope not. I can see it happening for FM13 or FM14 though, with the way the digital world is changing. Opinions?
  11. You both use the same Steam account but one of you needs to be playing in offline mode, simple.
  12. http://www.simplygames.com/info/19305/Football-Manager-2012-PC
  13. Get a Mac. Windows is extremely frustrating and get's slow after a year.
  14. What was the cheapest price that Zavvi sold it for last year?
  15. Amazon for £24.99 Zavvi for £25.85 Game for £27.99 Play.com for £29.99 Zavvi usually offer the game for the cheapest price, I am sure they offered it for around £16 or £17 last year though? Can we expect to see the prices drop & at what time will we see the drop? Thanks