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  1. He really is an idiot to do that, at that time of the game. Still not a penalty though, it's a clear dive from Robben.
  2. 6 times in a row Mexico have gone out in the last 16 now. Elaborate dive from Robben though.
  3. Not sure about that, yes he's over the top but it looked like a yellow.
  4. So gald for that Bosnia goal, otherwise the gam was going to be appaling.
  5. Iran game has actually been really good this past 5 minutes.
  6. You just missed a nice Dzeko goal and Iran just hit the bar!
  7. Please, he's clearly tried to hurt him with studs scraping down his leg. Luckily the ref is looking straight at him.
  8. Italy are a pretty dull team to watch, hoping for a Uruguay goal.
  9. Croatia haven't forced a save or had a chance of any note, deserve to be going home.
  10. Mexico going out in the last 16 is one of the great world cup traditions, 5 in a row and counting.
  11. Cole definately, he's still the best LB we have and I would have played him. Carrick as someone who can replace Gerrard, there was noone else in the squad who could play that role. Have no idea what the point of taking Lampard was. Milner should have played too, he's not pretty to watch but very effective. The bottom line is there's nothing in the last 2 years, or in Hodgson's past to suggest he's the right man for the job. He is an expert at lowering expectations, playing dull football and failing at high pressure jobs, like he did at Liverpool.
  12. Del Bosque is a proven winner at the highest level though, whereas Hodgson's track record suggests otherwise. It's a different situation.
  13. Our squad isn't that much worse, Hodgson made some poor selections. We have a better keeper and striker, worse defence and the midfield is probably a wash. We've had an average team for years but always advance.Hodgson took a team usually getting to the QFs of tournaments and has shown nothing in the Euros, WC, qualifiers or any other game to show he's the right guy. Nothing he has ever done suggests he's the right man to take us forward, he has a history of failure with high pressure jobs. Not getting out of the groups for the first time in 54 years, probably 50% inflicted because Roy los
  14. Our players aren't much worse than at previous tournaments and we always qualified. We were poor in qualifying which cost us our seed, poor in pretty much any other game too. At what point do you pull the plug then?By your logic United should have just stuck with Moyes, despite complete failure, a history of winning nothing, and no evidence pointing to an any improvement.
  15. Exactly, better to have some ambition. I'd happily give Harry a shot too instead, can't be any worse.
  16. He's not - each he's been near the top level he's failed. Inter, Liverpool, England now. Even Blackburn a couple of years after they won the league.Honestly I'd prefer to have Hoddle back, even now.
  17. Same for the Dutch too apparently, who were slightly ahead of us.
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