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  1. He really is an idiot to do that, at that time of the game. Still not a penalty though, it's a clear dive from Robben.
  2. 6 times in a row Mexico have gone out in the last 16 now. Elaborate dive from Robben though.
  3. Not sure about that, yes he's over the top but it looked like a yellow.
  4. So gald for that Bosnia goal, otherwise the gam was going to be appaling.
  5. Iran game has actually been really good this past 5 minutes.
  6. You just missed a nice Dzeko goal and Iran just hit the bar!
  7. Please, he's clearly tried to hurt him with studs scraping down his leg. Luckily the ref is looking straight at him.
  8. Italy are a pretty dull team to watch, hoping for a Uruguay goal.
  9. Croatia haven't forced a save or had a chance of any note, deserve to be going home.
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