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    My son is autistic and my whole life belongs to him in every way possible

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    FM, mixing tunes, watchin funny stuff. And I mean PROPER f*cked up funny. Chris Morris etc

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    Derby County
  1. I got one at Notts County in erm 2019 I think, after 5 successive Premier League's with a buy only british policy. Then prompty left them for Club America in Mexico http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3367/4624891021_954f3247be_o.jpg Was chuffed to bits after god knows how many years playing the CM/FM series Wouldnt have done it with 10.3.0 tho am guessing And I disappeared off their legends list the day I left....."Tom who?"
  2. One of me mates has this theory that if it's a team he was expecting to get hammered by, he'll only lose like 0-1 0r 0-2 if he goes on holiday for the day. Not convinced meself to be honest but he swears by it. Surely the point tho is to try and actually do something about the ongoing happenings as they happen. Mind you, I'm Matlock Town so if I holidayed tricky matches I'd only be managing every June/July
  3. This is my first and only, same as every season...dont normally get this far but currently in 2023 at Matlock Town in League One, taken them from Conf North...started with Notts County (easy before patches!) was there for 11 season, won Prem 4 times with them then left to Club America in Mexico, two years there now Matlock is my next progect Loving it...next stop probably Flamengo in Brazil, bottom five of 2nd Division there, then hopefully Inter
  4. lol were Messi n Kaka on the bench for you that day?
  5. Chuffed to bits with this as Matlock manager....replay to come at mine http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3445/4555610173_452df5ff04_o.jpg How to make the pic show in the post rather than a link?
  6. Forest, Liverpool, Leeds, MK Dons. In that order
  7. lol Simon Jordan is chairman of Alfreton Town in my game, its 2022. Alfreton are currently 6th in the Championship thanks to his money
  8. Yeah the azteca is what took me to America rather than any of the others. And maybe is why flamengo has always tempted me I must say tho the nickname was grinding my teeth til I removed the (MEX)
  9. I beat Argentinos in the final of Libertadores, and yes they played in the CWC along with Cruz Azul from my league who won the CONCACAF. So it looks like I won the wrong one pfft! Had a season in it in me first season as America had won CONCACAF the year before I went there, the board expected Semi's n they ended up with a sound kicking in the final, which they didnt mind. Mike: I always start with myself as second nationality spanish in every game I've ever started on FM, based on what me long term plans are...I usually only play 1 save game from one version to the next. I've just looked and it says I can speak french also (was at Notts Co for 11 seasons before I came to Mexico, with a pretty much all english squad, so I dont quite know where that comes from) and basic portuguese. Do it Mike its fantastic, never a dull fortnight. Thats going some in any league.
  10. Thanks The Sean Aaah developments....I'm in the draw for the Libertadores. Seeded 4th as last years winners! Don't even get how the seedings work cuz Boca are seeded 4th with me and yet the mighty Colo Colo are seeded 2nd. Curiouser and curiouser
  11. Aaah well I'm even more confused now...I won the Libertadores and kind of expected that to grant me access to the World Club Cup. Nope. But I've just checked the clubs history and they won the CONCACAF the year before I got there, which must be why I played in the WCC the first season I arrived. This can only mean that for whatever reason, CONCACAF winners get the place and not Libertadores winners? Hmmm. And now suddenly the Recopa Sudamerica has appeared! A two-legged tie against Flamengo?? Am guessing this is the South American equivilent of the Super Cup Monaco thingy in Europe. The mind boggles. The international fixtures are killing my club squad time after time at the very worst times, leaving me 3 subs only and a complete reserve team bar a couple of `good but not good enough for international standard' Argentinians left from my first team. Brilliant fun Sean: Monterrey is my favourite awayday purely down to the fantastic stadium pic I've picked up in a pack somewhere over the years, probably my favourite ground on all FM
  12. Yep one more vote has swung it I reckon...Brazil here I come
  13. Dont you go breaking our universe on purpose just to see what happens
  14. Well am glad you said that cuz I WAS wondering. Seems like the Mexican Opening Stage is when I play CONCACAF group matches, then a break til knockouts Feb time (ish), same as Euro Champions League. We'll see if it lets me play the Libertadores at around the same time, it might not, I might do a season in one then a season in the other? Did a little Interliga thing at the end of the season (Opening, December time) which meant I qualified for the Libertadores, but I qualified for the CONCACAF by winning the Campion o Campions (you know what I mean), well thats when I got the message I'd qualified. I won the Libertadores last year so maybe I automatically qualify for next season due to that? You obviously know more about it than me, Mr PMLF, to me it seems that it makes itself up as it goes along! The CONCACAF seems quite easy, looking at the opposition I might face, whereas the Libertadores was more daunting except a lot of the big teams went out early, ended up with Argentinos in the final. To be honest Mr PMLF any guidance appreciated, having looked at the history of the league, it seems that teams dont particularly concentrate on the league when they're in continental cups? It goes against my nature to play weakened teams in the league but because of Olympics and Olympic qualifiers I seem to have to do a lot of the time.