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  1. coming off the back of a 1-0 will im pretty happy with this Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. ^^LMAO Its all part and parcel of the FM bug..(No pun intended) In all FM Games i hover the mouse over the tactics button. CM3 to CM03/04 my favoured spot was on my team name.
  3. when you eagerly wait in anticipation with thousands of other FM'O'Holics for 6 hours for the moment the new demo goes live. Are you sitting comfortably lads?
  4. Yeah, i remember the days of old. Once you heard the birds singing and tweeting in the tree's you just knew it was time to come back into reality again.
  5. Haha so true, and you made it longer than most people predicted... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> lol, what can i say..."i tried so hard"
  6. when you make a thread about your efforts to try and quit the game. Then don't succeed.
  7. i think it wood be good if they added a continental hall of fame for players. it could be worked out by club and international manager votes at the end of every year, with only one player making the holy grail every year.plus players can only make the hall of fame once in their career. it would add something extra to look back on in a career-like game. imagine that.
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