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  1. "(PLAYER NAME) shows everyone just how happy he is at scoring on his debut....that will take some dry cleaning to come clean, i don't envy the kit-mans job" "IN YOUR FACE MR GRAY!!...that physio is showing where a womens job in football belongs, the fans look delighted with her impact on (PLAYER NAME)" "he's gone down like he's been shot!...And the Grammy goes to....." "great piece of officiating their" "HAHA he's fell over his own feet, even his manager saw the funny side of that" "oooooooooo that was so close i almost "arrived" "And here is the record summer signing, the new strong sexy midfielder to help with the sexy football approach" "How did he miss such an important chance, i can just see his manager smashing his mouse around screaming at the screen"
  2. bytheway

    So, it's the second week of March...

    TBH i feel maybe si spend too much time making patches and fixes, if they didnt have to make these patches every year they would have more time making the next release of the game which would hopefully lead to the game being less buggy and the match engine fully working. Just a thought.... That being said im happy playing the 11.1.1 patch
  3. Looking at the general discussion area over the last 2 days......Forum says "no"
  4. I never take the moral high ground, im cut and dry... i love the way the game is playing so ill stick with what im happy with. as far as the "it makes the game better" that is just a matter of opinion i dont share, come patch release day/night im sure their will be plenty of threads to say the game is better aswell as plenty to complain.
  5. Oh yes plenty, enjoying a long term LLM save at the moment and loving it
  6. LOL fair enough, stick with what you enjoy like i and obviously others are doing
  7. I only play using the good old 2d match engine so i dont have a problem with widgets I havent really noticed this bug but im playing in the lower leagues :/ they where awesome on fm 2008, i didnt play fm 09 that much tbh so couldnt comment
  8. Transfer centre?? where it says the players name click on the arrow at the side and it should show you the offer?
  9. myself, i am perfectly happy playing on 11.1.1 and havd no desire to download the 11.2 patch and dont feel i NEED to download 11.3. the game plays perfectly well for me and is perfectly enjoyable. Anyone else going to leave the patch alone?
  10. never listened to a podcast EVER but this fm podcast interests me, what subjects are covered? is it gaming stuff or football related or just general chit chat?
  11. funny im playing in the bsn and had a fast player that did this alot, my assistant suggested him learning it as a ppm so i thought might aswell while he is good at it and fast, anyway since he has learned this as a ppm he doesnt do it anymore
  12. bytheway

    Match Prep formation's

    I had a tactic set up and it was almost all accomplished, however i just set up a second formation and put it in the match preperation and its reset my other tactic?? Is this supposed to happen? EDIT: i have just started a new season btw EDIT2: Just realised why, probs because ive signed a 3/4 new players and they need to gel to it i suppose
  13. I dont think it does, you never see shielding during a game like you do in rl