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  1. i´m trying this tactic with glasgow rangers. filters are set to low values...what´s the value for attributes in the first scottish division? (also champions league i´m playing). thanks!!
  2. i´ve found out that using press and switching to crags tweak when it becomes less effective and after a few matches switch to press again works well with my strong celta de vigo squad
  3. so for the midfielders it´s recommended to use a DM, a box to box midfielder and a playmaker? i´d like you to help me with the most important attributes for them. how important is jumping+heading for the DM? important attributes for the box to box midfielder (as they have to be VERY complete and it´s hard to find guys with so many attributes) and if the playmaker has to be good at defending or it doesn´t really matter (marking, tackling, positioning, bravery, work rate and teamwork). thanks in advance
  4. thanks! is there any thread or can anybody explain me in which way is the original tactic tweaked by crags?
  5. i wonder where i can find crags tweak for this tactic. thanks in advance, mates
  6. just finished my season with a strong celta de vigo (year 2018). good squad but not the best. my strikers are leandro damiao (a beast as middle striker), mabye niang and salomón rondón. i have some nice regens but the "real" players that are still in my squad are: tolói, botía, hugo mallo (my first choice as DR), brivio, crisetig, asamoah, ekdal, yanga mbiwa, kara, rafinha and bezus. won everything. leandro 90 goals (68 in league). 158 league goals, 17 conceded. using PRESS all the time. my keys are rotating (choosing the 11 by their physical condition-never play a guy who´s under 95%) and sticking to a squad during the years, not making too many signings but replacing old players or getting players that are much better than the ones that they replace. thanks to the creator, amazing tactic
  7. won the treble with a strong team but definitely not better than the top ones (real madrid, barcelona, man city, united, bayern, you know) my team GK:regen DR:bandalovski DL:brivio DFC:botía DFC:tolói DM: oriol romeu MC:crisetig MC:k.asamoah ST:mabye niang ST:leandro damiao ST:rochina amazing tactic!
  8. dropped the defensive line 3 notches to the left (from high to normal) and i then won 5 of 5 matches...i´ll keep on trying this. my defenders are 14/15 pace/acc by the way.
  9. still rebuilding my squad...wondering if a fullback with 19 in heading but 6 in jumping may do the job or if players who can´t defend can be used as midfielders as long as they have a good attribute in work rate. are slow center backs suitable for this tactic? thanks in advance!
  10. rebuilding my squad. i have plenty of strikers that were used as inside forwards with a previous tactic and now i doubt which ones should stay and which ones should i sell. must i stick to the attributes you recommend, brobs, or are there any other stuff i should pay attention to in terms of strikers? thanks in advance
  11. it´s working for me. used it during the second half of the season. 2nd in the spanish first divison, champions league runner up with celta de vigo (2015). i have a good team but definitely not an amazing squad. playing some youngster, even. i´m now building the team for the new season, i´ll keep on updating my results
  12. v3 is the same tactic but with a different corner routine? thanks in advance
  13. it´s working very well for my promoted celta de vigo squad. after being SECOND after barça in my first season in the spanish first division i´ve managed to win the league with an amazing 91 points in my second season. adebayor (on loan) scored 52 goals in 33 matches. my team (but i rotate a lot) LUNG JR BRIVIO - TOLÓI (on loan) - BOTÍA - YANGA MBIWA/HUGO MALLO XAVI TORRES - ADAM VASS NICE REGEN/MARILUNGO - ROMAN BEZUS/MORAVEK - BUONANOTTE/JAY EMMANUEL THOMAS ADEBAYOR/RONDÓN
  14. starting a save with leicester using your beta version. standard pitch size, no OIs. own team talks. hope to battle for the title. should i use a DMC against 4-2-3-1? remove offside trap against teams with fast winger? i´ll keep on posting my results!
  15. and apart from individual team talks what do you say to the team at full time?
  16. hello. match prep? is this tactic different from brobs? thanks in advance
  17. i mean, kedhira is 12 passing and it works well. "i supose great passing skills are not needed" means 17 passing and creativity and so. decent passing should work well i think.
  18. hello. i´ve played a few saves with real madrid in order to try different tactics (as last devasto or extreme unbeat) but i´ve only won the treble using this tactic (and starting to use it mid-season). i found that as DMC you can play the slow CBs that don´t fit in this tactic, i used albiol frequently and he always got great ratings playing as DMC. the midfield should be hard-working. i used fellaini (new signing) and lass, playing xabi alonso as a sub. khedira also did it well so i supose great passing skills are not needed (unless you´re playing against a very weak team). the "get forward whenever possible" that khedira has as ppm also helped him to score a few. in terms of strikers, i found it helpful to be decent at teamwork and play left-footed on right wing and opposite. i use cristiano ronaldo as left striker, higuaín as central and di maría as right striker. ronaldo and higuaín were the top goalscorers of my team and di maría assisted a lot for them to score, so i think that combination of passing and finishing is a kind of key for the strikers not to miss so many chances. thanks brobs for making this tactic, it´s really awesome.
  19. hello! where would you play cristiano ronaldo in this tactic? central or winger-striker? thanks in advance
  20. hello. i know it´s easier to play with real madrid but i´d like you to help me with my squad. who would you play with? i´ve doubts with the midfield, as sahin and xabi alonso are not very good at tackling and marking. and what´s the best position for cristiano ronaldo using this tactic? thanks in advance
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