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  1. Hello knap. I´m a bit confused about the different versions of Sicilian Defense. What are the differences between them? what´s better for a subtop team away? thanks!
  2. Knap, sorry if this has already been asked. Can you recommend me a good combination of home+away tactics for a subtop team? (media pred 9th). Thank you so much.
  3. Going to try this, as my Celta de Vigo squad is maybe sub-top. In Deep Sicilian does it matter the prefered foot for the wide midfielders? i´m using inside forwards in P112.
  4. Hello Knap. I´m trying your 424-112p with my Celta de Vigo squad. I´m implementing it in pre-season. It´s my second season and all my important players are gone (the positive thing is that i have over 60 million to spend in new players). I wonder what positions are more important in this tactic and what kind of players do i need to perform better. Anyway, i´m not a top team (although in my first season i finished 5th) so i´m not sure if this tactic will work or if it´s only for top teams. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello Knap, i´m going to give a try to your tactic with wingers (PILGRIMAGE 4321 wingers). I know that you have Pogba, who seems perfect for the position, but what attributes would you look for to find a Mezzala if you have a small budget? thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the quick answer. What does "DCB" mean? I´m using 18.2.2 with so much success than i´m not thinking of switching to the latest tactics. I´ve played 36 matches with your ARGUS 18.2.2 and have won 34 and drawn 2. 136 goals scored and conceded 17. I´m using ALWAYS attacking mentality. My central defender is De Ligt and he can play as BPD, but the side defenders are about 10/12 passing and technique so i wonder if i should strengthen the squad with more technical ones.
  7. Hello Knap. I´m loving your 18.2.2 ARGUS tactic. Winning everything with my strong Celta de Vigo (year 2026). I´m planning the next season and i´m looking for ball playing defenders but it's hard to find players that can defend and pass for a world class team. The good ones are getting old! Can you give me some advice about the players i should look for to strenghten my defence? thanks in advance!!
  8. No i never change things. Just tinker with match training. For me this tactic is the most consistent of all the 3 strikers tactics.
  9. First i just checked the odds and applied offensive movement if favourite and defensive movement if underdog (at home and away) but then i tried defensive movement against weaker teams away and won 0-8 and 1-7 in a row so i decided to stick to defensive movement away from home.
  10. Finished the whole season with my Celta de Vigo using ARGUS343P102. Won everything (Liga with 93 points, Copa del Rey, Supercopa and UEFA Champions League). I always train attacking movement when i play at home and defensive movement away. In a neutral stadium i check the odds and use attacking if favourite and defensive if underdog. My team in June 2021: GK Rajkovic WBR Regen WBL T.Mings DCL N. Ake DC M. Akanji DCR Regen BWM Regen B2B Arthur STCR B. Mayoral STC P. Pellegri STCL Talisca After the UCL the chairman resigned and now some chinese guys bought the team. My transfer budget is now 469 M O_O Thanks Knap for this amazing tactic.
  11. Knap does it matter if the side strikers are left or right footed? thanks!
  12. Hi Knap. I'm trying argus 343 with my beloved Celta de Vigo. I´m finding trouble in finding right midfielders for this tactic. What key attributes do you recommend for the bwm and the bbm? thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you mate, it is mostly your work. If the original one gave me the title, do you still recommend me to switch to the new tactic?
  14. Well, i´ve just won the Liga BBVA with my beloved Celta de Vigo (media prediction 16th) in the first season. I play Football Manager since the 90s and this must be MY BEST SEASON EVER. I´m finding problems to upload the image properly so i give you the link: http://postimg.org/image/5ccogpsrh/ I´ve used Silk & Steel (the original one, not the 4.2 version) all season, following the rules of training given in this thread but decided to stick to def. set pieces until the last two matches, when i switched to def. positioning and secure the title (beating Real Madrid 2-1). My team is nothing sort of spectacular (my best players are Rafinha -on loan- and Alex Lopez). Rafinha as F9 scored 19 and Álex López gave 17 assists along with 10 goals, and now he´s valued 11 M. I signed two guys to help my team at the beginning of the season. Casado was my left back (i paid 650 k for him, he was in Real Madrid B) and i also signed a guy called Steindberg to help me in the DM role (he´s pretty strong and costed me 2.5 M). After the patch, i realized my team wasn´t playing very well (depending very much on corners to score goals and getting scores like 1-0, 2-1...but still winning). Anyway i won the title so what else can i ask. Thank you very much for this tactic, i´ve never thought i´d be able to win the title in Spain with such a small team.
  15. Hey! interested in this tactic and wondering more attributes or player filters needed. Thanks in advance!
  16. Could you please explain some important attributes needed for the players?
  17. I´d like to know some important attributes for the players that are needed in this tactic in order to re-build my squad. Thanks in advance!
  18. I started a save unemployed and accepted my first offer as the manager of Santa Clara, a humble team in the portuguese second division. In my first year we managed to win the league (early tactics, early patches) and the next two years we struggle not to get relegated but finally we saved our asses and managed to stay in the portuguese premier league. From that point on things got better and we finished 9th, 7th and finally 5th, achieving a place for the EURO playoff, where we lost. Next year we repeated as the 5th team in Portugal, and started my 8th year as the manager of Santa Clara entering the Euro group stage, after winning two playoffs, at the point of starting to use a tweaked version of this tactic, which is made of some ideas that were sugested in this thread. The tactic looks like this With this tactic and some shouts (exploit the middle, hassle opponents, get stuck in) we completed our best season ever: And also got to the Euro Cup quarter final: We were also runner-ups of the Taça de Portugal and reached semifinals in the Portuguese League Cup. Regarding to the shouts, i´ve been experimenting, but the most of the matches i started using the three mentioned above (exploit the middle, hassle opponents, get stuck in) and just against bigger teams i´ve felt like removing hassling opponents, and it worked well. It´s something you have to see in the match, see if your defenders are being caught too much out of position. Pitch size is standard and i´ve been using general training:attacking and match training:attacking movement until april, where i faced much stronger teams and i found it useful to change both trainings to defending and defending movement. Not very sure about this one You should not be asking for me to upload my tactic because the only thing i´ve done is what you can see in the screenshot of the tactics screen i posted above, as suggested by 44phoenix in this same thread What i can do is showing you my players. Let´s start with the sweeper keeper: My wingbacks, the brazilian´s on loan: The three central defenders: The anchor-man, signed him as a free transfer offering the best contract i could afford, kinda KEY for my team: My playmaker, i like him to be good at defending as well, but fast and dangerous because he goes forward a lot, you can see he´s not a top player yet but it works: My attacking midfielder, i love this guy although he´s far from being top class: My strikers. I bought the italian after selling a central defender for 15M, that´s how i got the money i needed. Word Class. The other striker performs amazing as well: Finally, i want you to see my transfers for the season i used this tactic. We´re a humble team as i told you and had to sell our stars in order to get stronger: I hope this helps. I´d also like you to help me because there are a lot of things that can be improved in this tactic and the players that suit the roles used. I´m not very convinced of how my attacking midfielder plays (should it be more like a striker or is creativity really needed as he doesn´t seem to perform a lot of through balls?). My playmaker is also a problem sometimes because he attacks a lot and i see my team performs better playing there a guy who can run, dribble, cross and shoot, but that´s suspicious to make my team weaker at the back. Merry Christmas everyone!
  19. as i implemented the tactic late in the season i used team cohesion very high and teamwork. Don´t use shouts neither oi´s
  20. I´ve tried "arsenal the unbeaten season" and managed to finish 5th in the portuguese premier league with a team predicted 13th (of 16 teams) and a quite poor squad. It´s important the fact that i implemented the tactic in the last 11 matches going for a record of 7w 3d 1l, winning the portuguese cup in my last match against giants Sporting de Portugal. It´s also remarkable that i had to play a striker as MR (position non suitable for him), as my players really didn´t fit into this tactic: I have one striker with good finishing and pace (i use it as my poacher, although he´s just 9 composure) and the DLF is 13 passing and 7 creativity (he managed to give some good assists), that´s all. My left winger is really an AMC (got some nice through balls) and my MCs are regular MCs with nothing extraordinary (14 passing and tackling). Now that i managed to qualify for the EURO cup i hope my wage budget allows me to improve my squad, because i´m of course sticking to this tactic
  21. i´m playing lower leagues so that´s maybe the explanation of my players' mistakes but i think the argument "your player didn´t score that one on one because he lacks in composure" or "didn´t cross because he´s only 9 in decisions" is pointless when you use the same argument to explain why the opposition did score or did cross. i mean, attributes of the players don´t seem so important regarding to the computer' s players as they seem to our players. it´s easy to take the blame on our own players' attributes but...why can computer score easily against me with a guy who´s just 5 in finishing or 7 in composure? pd:sorry for my english
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