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  1. Sorry again...do they work with natural wingers or do i need opposite foot?
  2. I´m currently using Alavanja Annunaki from fmscout but i won the league using mostly Anhihilator by another user. I found Anhihilator not very reliable against the big teams.
  3. Hi, i´m playing with Celta de Vigo. I´m in my 5th season. I managed to win the League last season after being 4th,3rd and 2nd the previous years. I also reached the Champions League semi finals. I´ve been using mostly 4321 so my team is full of wingers and attacking midfielders. Media prediction 6th. Average CA 145. I´m having a hard time against the big boys (Madrid, Barcelona and the european giants), mostly away. I´m looking for a tactic to use in that big matches or some clues (maybe another 4321 for the whole season). Yes i´ve tried to lower the mentality but it didn´t work very well. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hey Rober. What do you do to close a game? Also what kind of players have you found more efficient? i´m wondering if the DM is a Casemiro or a Pirlo. Thanks!!
  5. Hi Knap. I managed to finish 4th in the spanish First Division using mostly Fireandwater 4321 and Sicilian for the tough games. I wanted to play 2 strikers upfront so i´ve started the new season (predicton 11th) with Fireandwater 4312. I´ve won 4-3 the 2 first matches so i´m afraid i´ll suffer against harder opposition. I wonder if there´s a tactic that uses 2 strikers that is better in defense, or if i should stick to this 4312. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Knap. As we are going to need one of our AMCs to man mark the opposition does it change the kind of player we need there? p.e.:more aggresive / better tackler, workrate and so.
  7. Thanks mate. And what kind of player do you use as the MC? I´m wondering if tackling is needed for him.
  8. Hey Knap can you tell us some differences between Fire 4321 and 4312? Which is more suitable for underdog / subtop / top team? thanks mate. I´m using 4321 and doing great but i love to play with two strikers.
  9. I´m doing great against big teams away using Tea for one 4411 with positive mentality, as Pinardier8282 suggested. I also switch to that in the last 15 minutes of the match if i´m winning (my home / easy away tactic is Fire and water 4321).
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