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  1. Hey knap! sorry if this has been already asked but do we have to set the takers for set pieces? And also a question about your 442-110ecc. I have a regen who's right footed and plays as a left midfielder. Do you think he´ll fit in this tactic or is it more suitable for natural wingers? he has "cut inside" as ppm. Thanks!!
  2. And the best 442? i´m using your 442-110ECCC with great success at the moment.
  3. What should i do with individual training if the players reach their PA or can fully master the position they are learning? thanks!
  4. Knap i´m flying with your 4132, using your advice of following genie scout´s positional ratings. Thank you!! I have another question: for individual training should i train the roles in the tactic or maybe the roles that are more suitable for my players? thanks again mate.
  5. Hello Knap! you said Genie Scout is a great tool to find players. How do we use it? searching for attributes (in this case, the highlighted ones in the game?) or for potential rating to fit the roles in your tactics? Thanks in advance, i´m a bit lost in terms of signing the right players.
  6. Hello Knap! i´ve played for 6 years with TFF tactics with Celta de Vigo and Spain and won everything (also the World Cup) so now i need a new challenge. I´m looking for the best combination of your tactics to be very offensive at home and solid away because i now have a top level squad and can take more risks. TFF worked a treat but i don´t like scoring so many goals from set pieces so i wonder if you can recommend me some of your tactics for my strong Celta de Vigo (150-160 CA but full of wonderkids) and the spanish national team. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello Knap, i´m trying your 4132. Do the wingers need to be decent at defending? I have Emre Mor who's super fast and a great dribbler but his tackling is 5 and i´m not sure if i should use him. Thanks!!
  8. Hello knap. I´m a bit confused about the different versions of Sicilian Defense. What are the differences between them? what´s better for a subtop team away? thanks!
  9. Knap, sorry if this has already been asked. Can you recommend me a good combination of home+away tactics for a subtop team? (media pred 9th). Thank you so much.
  10. Going to try this, as my Celta de Vigo squad is maybe sub-top. In Deep Sicilian does it matter the prefered foot for the wide midfielders? i´m using inside forwards in P112.
  11. Hello Knap. I´m trying your 424-112p with my Celta de Vigo squad. I´m implementing it in pre-season. It´s my second season and all my important players are gone (the positive thing is that i have over 60 million to spend in new players). I wonder what positions are more important in this tactic and what kind of players do i need to perform better. Anyway, i´m not a top team (although in my first season i finished 5th) so i´m not sure if this tactic will work or if it´s only for top teams. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello Knap, i´m going to give a try to your tactic with wingers (PILGRIMAGE 4321 wingers). I know that you have Pogba, who seems perfect for the position, but what attributes would you look for to find a Mezzala if you have a small budget? thanks in advance.
  13. Thanks for the quick answer. What does "DCB" mean? I´m using 18.2.2 with so much success than i´m not thinking of switching to the latest tactics. I´ve played 36 matches with your ARGUS 18.2.2 and have won 34 and drawn 2. 136 goals scored and conceded 17. I´m using ALWAYS attacking mentality. My central defender is De Ligt and he can play as BPD, but the side defenders are about 10/12 passing and technique so i wonder if i should strengthen the squad with more technical ones.
  14. Hello Knap. I´m loving your 18.2.2 ARGUS tactic. Winning everything with my strong Celta de Vigo (year 2026). I´m planning the next season and i´m looking for ball playing defenders but it's hard to find players that can defend and pass for a world class team. The good ones are getting old! Can you give me some advice about the players i should look for to strenghten my defence? thanks in advance!!
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