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  1. Hey Carlito, would it be possible to create Championsleague and UEFA Cup in only knockout mode without group stages?
  2. While following a match (just use commentary mode) i can`t see my teams player ratings. The info box consists just five players, to see them all i have to scroll down. The oppositions ratings are complete to see. Please fix this .
  3. @kingrobbo: I would be very interested in your file. Can u give a link please?
  4. Tried to start but comes with an error message (unclosed token line or sth.)
  5. Nice Idea, tested it. But why starting Manchester City or Borussia Dortmund already in Prelim. Round of Cup Winners Cup? Is it possible to let them start later?
  6. SItom

    Royal League (Scandinavia)

    If i create it with non-advanced editor, it works fine.
  7. SItom

    Royal League (Scandinavia)

    I started a Royal League too with advanced editor. When i start and test it, the game says competition starts 2048 :confused: What i do wrong? Starting date is set as 2013.