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  1. When the opposition score the goalscorer information stays on screen until the next goalscorer. If the opposition score again that goal scorer information stays on screen I've cleared cache and update graphics drivers
  2. I keep experiencing some crashing where dump files are created, I believe it to be nvidia driver related but i have uninstalled/reinstalled doing a clean installation but cannot seem to correct it. I have had at least 3, it can occur if i am playing a game or even on holiday mode. FM 2020 v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.05.04 16.03.59).dmp GPU_info v20.4.1.1363262 (2020.05.04 16.01.15).gpudmp
  3. I've started a save in LLM with Merthyr, currently using 2 tactics a 4-4-1-1 & 4-1-4-1. I'd appreciate some critique of the two tactics in terms of role & duty distribution I start all games with a cautious mentality and increase as the game plays out. 4-4-1-1 Richards is one of best players so I really wanted to get him as one of the focal points in the tactic. Behind him Lucas is another great player so using him as a DLP made sense. 1 FB on At and on the opposite wing a WM on At to add variety. 4-1-4-1 When Richards is not available or we are
  4. This is really the point; i dont have a specific idea or plan in mind. I am looking for a solid starting formation with a few TI's and PI's. I want to make as few as changes as possible
  5. Over the years i have either downloaded tactics and tried to create tactics but either got bored or more likely frustrated. I don't get lots of hours to play the game so have found a way of playing that works for me. I don't expect instant success but do like to win more than I lose and occassionally overachieve! Then as I buy or develop better players my results improve etc etc. To do this I usually just adjust mentality, starting with cautious then as needed increase to attacking and coming back down again. There are a few triggers ie Am I dominating possession, whos having the most
  6. SO the game v Brugge starts, they are top and favorite so i start with Balanced. I can't get a foothold in the game so try pushing my LoE up, try pushing my DL up, up the mentality etc etc. here are the half time stats No idea what to change to turn this round, ive thought about sitting deeper to soak up pressure and hit on the counter but as they've already had 15 shots i think it will just lead to a drubbing!
  7. My next game was a decent 2-1 win, 2-0 up at half time and despite them scoring in the 81st minute after a goalkeeping error it was fairly comfortable. My 5th game was 4th v 3rd where I faced Standard Liege who are predicted to finish above me. It was fairly even in terms of odds with no real standout favorite so decided as I was home I would start with a positive mentality. The first half was pretty one way in favour of Standard without any real chances being created. the biggest problem was the full backs which you will see from picture below they are quite attacking. The two player
  8. I rage quit, as usual as I just couldn't figure out why I was so bad at this game even though I see lots of posts about how "easy" the game is. I loaded up my Antwerp save created the following tactic My defenders are a bit slow so I don't want to push up, and I move the LoE depending on the opposition. If I am expected to win and want to force them out i play a lower LoE, if its pretty level i start with it on standard and push it up if I am the underdog. I usually start on Balanced and move to positive if I need to create more and may play wider also. 3 wins from 3 in the l
  9. Thanks for the reply, so you dont make changes to the defensive line or line of engagement. its literally just a mentality change when required? All the goals I concede are from the CB hit a long ball over the top of my defenders where the attacker runs onto the pass and scores. so dropping the dline would be sensible? For players on yellow cards, can you change them to ease of tackles where required or is it better to sub them?
  10. I tried this tactic with a better team (Antwerp) than in my LLM save - both games were away both times the home side were 5-4 favourites. I used the underdog tactic and lost both. I played a home game, i was huge favourite (4-5) so used the favs tactic, i won 1-0 thanks to a man of the match performance from my goalkeeper Is this tactic something you can plug and play or does it need some tweaks in game? Do you change anything when the AI goes Very Attacking I am sure the problem is me but I could with some tips?
  11. thanks for the reply, i almost always play in england so wanted to go elsewhere I have no connection to Antwerp it was just a random pick as an exercise to learn the game.
  12. Thanks for the replies, its given me points to consider. In terms of style of play, I like the 4-1-4-1 formation. It looks on paper to be a solid bottom heavy formation that can easily, with the right roles & duties, morph into something a little more attacking! I'm not hugely possession focused but ideally want to play efficient football which basically means not giving away possession unnecessarily and getting forward to our goal scorers quickly. Ideally our goal scorers should be one of the wide midfielders and a central midfielder supported by the striker although on reflectio
  13. My next game was a match v Schalke. It ended in a 3-1 defeat, our goal coming in the last minute or so. A pretty one sided affair. Attacking Full Backs In these 2 pictures you will see Kenny, the Schalke RB run past my IW(a) into the space near my LB. Could this be due to me not defending wide enough or maybe my LOE is not high enough? Having my wide players on attack duties pretty much means they wont track back so changing I tried changing them to a support duty to help with this but it seemed to have little impact. In this one both full backs, Kenny
  14. The game finished 0-1 despite dominating the game For the 2nd half I moved to this tactic to hopefully give me a little more umph! I noticed my winger running at the full back and pretty much getting tackled each time. No clear cut chances but all except 4 of my shots were inside the box; Again any ideas what i can be looking at
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