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  1. Technique is the key attribute for me. A young player with high technique will generally develop well.
  2. transfer problem

    I updated to 3.1 and tried this transfer again and it worked. So looks like the problem may be fixed. Thanks guys!
  3. transfer problem

    Yes - I've had the same issue playing as Liverpool and trying to swap Downing plus GBP 2 million for an Arsenal player. Obviously doesn't make sense given it's a 1 for 1. Tried demoting some first team players to reserves to make room but same problem.
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to get people's views on fitness levels and squad rotation. I'm Bury FC and have taken them from BSP to EPL. This is my second year in EPL. I play a 4-1-3-2 with pressing on and it has worked very well for me. Only problem is, now I'm in the EPL, the games are coming thick and fast and it's rare to get more than 4 days between games. My general rule is to not start a player if their fitness is below 95%. Sometimes this can result in my entire outfield 10 being rotated between games. My fitness training for outfield players is set to Light with Tactics, Attacking and Defending on Medium and Motivation on Intensive. My problem is that quite often I see results drop as a result of rotation and I need to keep a very big squad. Is my training too intense still? Should I try and get fitter players? Should I change my tactic to turn pressing off? Am I better off not rotating and playing more tired players? Interested in your thoughts and whether the negative frequent rotation effect is a figment of my imagination or real. Especially interested in views on training. I've never really got to grasp with training and when I've tried to develop specific programs for classes of players, it hasn't worked out well and seemingly coincided with a drop in results. Thanks, Michael