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  1. At the moment we get a yearly training report, I'd like a similar yearly 'discipline report'. Within this it might say something like 'player X has had an appalling record this season' and be given the opportunity to warn/fine the player (e.g like Balotelli-Man City). Also, possibly be given the opportunity to praise your 'clean' players.
  2. I'm playing FM2013, un-edited (so far as i'm aware).
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've played a few games now, and I'm only getting 4996 (exactly the no. of seats).
  4. I think it sholud be possible to request to the board to 'convert' your stadium (non seating area)-->(seats). As I'm managing bristol rovers, and just starting the 15/16 season, 1st season in the championship, luckily i made loads of money last season in a long FA cup run and made ~£2m in transfers. so i requested an expansion, they spent about £2m on expanding by 2250 seats, leaving me with nearly 14000 capacity but only about 5000 seats, sold nearly all of the seats in season tickets (4900) so now i get next to no income from tickets through the season. i'd have thought it would be possible to convert at least part of the stadium during the season?
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